US Having Its Coolest Year On Record

The percentage of US HCN stations to reach 90 degrees was the smallest on record this year, with four of the five coolest years occurring above 350 PPM CO2. The most widespread heat occurred in 1931, when more than 98% of stations were over 90 degrees.

ScreenHunter_4028 Oct. 25 11.17

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311 Responses to US Having Its Coolest Year On Record

  1. Andy DC says:

    A very telling chart to throw into the face of alarmists. But no sense doing that, they will blame the Koch brothers for the bad news and call us trolls for having the audacity to tell the truth.

    • porchhound says:

      The ONLY time liberal alarmists are in favor of guns is when they want to shoot the messenger!

      • Luckily, for the most part, they’d look down the barrel and pull the trigger to make sure it works first. IF they could get the courage to get within 10′ of a firearm.

      • Mark Matis says:

        That’s not quite correct. The only time liberal alarmists are in favor of guns is when their “Law Enforcement” are the only ones who have them and are willing to shoot the messenger.

      • an ocean of truth in but a drop of words

        • Hawkeye says:

          They know the sun plays a huge role in warming earth….DUH. Why do you think they are dimming it to “cool” us with chem trails every day? Why do people say the earth is cooling when this article ( et al ) only say’s the U.S. is cooling? LOLOL… too funny. Earth is the whole planet – U.S. is ONLY one piece of the whole planet. Remember learning that in grammar school? And “if” U.S. ONLY is cooling, well then why is that? Naturally it is impossible. …… In fact, the entire U.S. isn’t even cooling, only parts are. How can Idaho be 40 degree’s in the center of the state and then 5 miles from their center it is 80 degree’s? Same state?? How does it snow in 44 degree’s and kill hundreds of cattle? DUH>>>>>>>More clues telling you to wake the hell up. You can be a parrot and repeat all these inconsistencies, or you can use your God given brain and think. YOUR FREE WILL CHOICE. End of days is here. Rejoice and Behold The Lord Jesus Christ. Only way to be saved now. Blessings.

        • darth says:

          Hawkeye- what a stupid comment. The report was written by US scientists based on recordings made by equipment that are located in the US. The article doesn’t say only the US is cooling. US HCN stations will on;ly record US data. What a moron you are.

      • john says:

        The progs/socialists are afraid of fighting for their ideology. They are wusses and they would rather steal from people who have and buy the votes from those who don’t have and control the result with disarmament. They know they will cause a mess so they use legislation to demilitarize the 2nd amendment. A demilitarized second amendment is a useless law/right. This is the entire motive behind all of this legislation against the 2nd Amendment. Limit this and limit that and before you know it you have nothing to fight with. All power is in the US Military that is a politically controlled entity/organization. You better pay attention to what I am saying.

      • Sal says:


      • Glenn Clay says:

        Everyone knows that liberals and conservatives butt heads when it comes to world views, but scientists have now shown that their brains are actually built differently.

        Liberals have more gray matter in a part of the brain associated with understanding complexity, while the conservative brain is bigger in the section related to processing fear, said the study on Thursday in Current Biology.

        “We found that greater liberalism was associated with increased gray matter volume in the anterior cingulate cortex, whereas greater conservatism was associated with increased volume of the right amygdala,” the study said.

        Other research has shown greater brain activity in those areas, according to which political views a person holds, but this is the first study to show a physical difference in size in the same regions.

    • Danny Mann says:

      Well said.

    • Bodhisattva says:

      Some are pivoting away from the Koch brothers – they’ve found a new center of all evil in the universe – some guy from the midwest. I don’t remember his name.

    • Dave says:

      Right…the average temperature of the United States over the course of one year is ” very telling” to “alarmists”…

      If the United States would, for example experience its 7 warmest summers in recorded history over the last 10 years… Would that be very “telling”?

      Of course not. Not to you. To you the only facts that matter are ones that support what your political party tells you to believe. All other facts begone.

      • kc says:

        Unfortunately, you’re full of shit. How many times do we have to find out about numbers being rigged by the “scientists” before you realize you’re full of shit?

      • marty says:

        Recorded history is a tiny tiny tiny sample size.

      • Alan Jackson says:

        Dave: really stupid of you. Math and temperatures do not know politics, they just are.
        I have reviewed data concerning presumed global warming, and see no data to support the warming alarmists at all. It has not cooled for 17 years, according to recent satellite data, and the data in this new report confirmis.

        If you are disappointed that warming isn’t real, that you have been easily duped, that your beloved new tax won’t be about warming after all: well then just go get your head checked. Take two aspirin, and call me when you get a brain. See the Wizard of Oz and ask for a brain. Whatever.

        • Alan Jackson says:

          Correction: it has not WARMED for 17 years. I thought that would get your attention!

        • Robert says:

          The same Warmists were Coolists in the 1960/70’s. Some people can’t make up their minds.

        • Hawkeye says:

          Alan, please stop embarrassing yourself. “It has not warmed in 17 years” – because they are cooling the air not God. Geo-engineering is reality. Haven’t you noticed the pink fake clouds or the reflective particulates hurting your vision or making you cough yet? “Thermal Expansion of Earth’s Crust” = Globe(al) WARMING. Core is heating not the air. Air temps are the “effect(s)” of the “cause”. Because the ocean floors are closer to the core, (the heating of the earth’s globe warming), vs. the dirt we stand on, is the reason the ocean temps are rising and melting the bergs at the poles from the BOTTOM up – meaning density is melting away NOT surface. When that ice melts away it releases millions of years worth of carbons and methane gases that have been frozen in it and then those gases do what? RISE up in to the waters and the atmosphere, because math says so…. Core heating is the “cause” and polar ice melting is the “effect” of the “cause”. MATH. These gases are not only in the frozen ice bergs they are also in the molten core releases aka; methane pushing up magma, magma is the molten core expanding out & up because heat does what? EXPANDS, RISES. More math. Proof of this is in the thousands of NEW methane plumes being discovered on ocean floors ( in news ) that were never there before. Methane gas BTW, equals HEAT. Then it rises up another scientific certainty regarding gases. They rise. Heat rises. Cold sinks. No matter what you do there is no way to delete CAUSE & EFFECT. The only way a lie can stand up is to delete cause & effect and it is scientifically impossible. Globe warming = the “cause” / Climate change = the “effect” of the “cause”. Severe out of control weather is the model for climate change. Yes my friend it is all too real. Please turn off the talk radio and wake up and save yourself. They won’t be taking you any where nice.

      • Jack says:

        Dave, look at the chart. It summarizes a century of data, not. Just one year. Try reasoning instead of emoting.

      • danny says:

        Is being stupid any different from acting stupid? The Dems and Libs have now made the transition to a Socialist/Fascist organization (read-up genius). They create crisis, then manipulate people with the crisis. Who owns the media? Who owns the unions? Time to wake up, and become human again.

      • gpaetz says:

        Dude, that is the point. A very small sample size (1 year, 3 years, 30 years) is simply not meaningful. Go take a statistics course. Anthropomorphic climate change is bogus.

      • Arctic sea ice is at record size. The polar caps are not melting and causing sea levels to rise as they said it will be by now. This is another example of liberal propaganda and brianwashing through TV, Media, Schools, and Hollywood Movies. Many people bought into the global warming farce and still do. Regardless of the truth.

        • melpheos says:

          No it’s not you idiot… Get you fact straight… It’s higher than last year but it’s still far below the average of the past 20 years.

      • Traitor In Chief says:

        Stupid libstains. Mindless loyalty is a Left wing affliction, you dolt. The mirage of 7 warmest summers is an example of that very disease.

      • Jim says:

        Moron, there’s a clear trend downward for the last 75 years. Only complete Obama-loons like fail to see the obvious.

      • RotalSnart says:

        You Democrats tell the stupidest lies ever.

        The weather has always changed… stupid are you guys?

        You are so lazy you won’t even look up the definitions orf the words you lie with…..

        • Hey, that’s funny & super intelligent! “Weather has always changed – therefore no such thing as global warming” Other than the fact that temps have been the warmest in history and dramatically, progressively warmer since the Industrial Revolution when man started putting stuff into the atmosphere. But hey, I’m sure that’s one big coincidence.

        • philjourdan says:

          Except they are not the “warmest in history”. Perhaps you meant to say “in recorded history”. But your mistake is just part of your ignorance. it is clear the earth is not the warmest in history, and no one in the debate claims that. Some Claim it is the warmest in human history, but not even Mann claims it is the warmest in history as we are in the middle of an ice age. And it has only lasted 2 million of the 4.5 billion years of the history of the planet.

          Go back and get an education.

      • Justa Joe says:

        I didn’t notice that selectively the last seven summers were particularly “warm.”

      • fred17 says:

        NOAA has said 1936 was the warmest year on record. But then… what do they know.

      • William Ripskull says:

        I don’t get my facts from my political party, I get them from big oil and the Koch brothers. You’re an idiot! Here’s one for you. Continental shift is causing earthquakes and volcanoes all over the work and threatening mankind. Send me billions of dollars and I will fly around the world, stay at posh, luxury resort, and attend conferences so that we can put an end to this insidious problem.

        All these Climate Change alarmist do is theorize and theorize without backing their claims up with any solid scientific evidence. The “evidence” is assumed cause and effect that they’ve never bothered to prove. It would be like me saying, “Wow, CO2 levels have increased in the atmosphere and we know we have more Ebola cases than we’ve ever had before, therefore its safe to say that increased atmospheric CO2 causes Ebola. There: Proven”. A chart is then produced with CO2 on one axis, Ebola cases on the other, and on a scale that will make the line a 45 degree angle, and now its not just “proven”, its a crisis. Then anyone who bothers to question the theory and asked to be shown the evidence (following sound scientific methodology) linking CO2 to Ebola is labeled a “Denier”, and the people, companies, banks, universities and politicians that stand to profit the most from this belief then lobby news agencies & scientific publications to prevent them from being heard, throw them out of university scientific groups and panels, try to destroy their reputations, accuse them of being on the take from big oil and the Koch Brothers, and keep them out of the peer review process.

        Real scientists are after the truth and would never claim “The debate is over” on “science” where evidence is so shaky and non-existent, where every predictive model put forward thus far has been so grossly inaccurate, and where even your own group of “believers” have dozens of theories on why your original theories are turning out so wrong. Think about that!!!! Your own Climate Change crowd can’t even come to a unified conclusion on why they’ve been so wrong, all while claiming they’re right, even in the face of mounting evidence against them. Its literally becoming absurd. And as some of the better scientists in your group start to see the writing on the wall, and based on the evidence (or lack thereof) seen thus far start to question the whole notion of Climate Change, they’re thrown out of “The Club”; they’re labeled “Deniers”, they’re scourged by their universities, their reputation are attacked, their opinions no longer matter, they’re no longer invited to scientific conferences, and they’re closed out of peer review process. I don’t know, but it sounds much like The Medieval Inquisitions to me.

        • To @Morgan Wright – comment and chart this thread.

          Don’t get me wrong, I agree there is no Climate Change / Global warming made by man. However, I apply the same logic to all comments no matter the source. Please explain, what mechanism, machine, device, was used in 1611 to detect solar radiance. What organization, government entity, societal union, kept this data from 1611 until 2001? Where and who constructed such a chart? Or, is it speculation based on our current theory of geologic finding placed in a computer for modeling, just as the pretense of the other side of the argument?

          “Trust, but verify” or in my terms, “In God we trust, All others require verification.”
          I find it interesting that both sides of the issue use the same tactics, and quote questionable sources as if they are absolute authoritarians on the subject. Many quote such sources and propaganda without understanding the science behind the information. For example, “CO2 and Methane(H4C) cause global warming”. They don’t understand the science that the two destabilize in the atmosphere and recombine into H2O and 2C, which are the basis of carbon based life on this planet. They don’t understand it is the water in the atmosphere that causes the sunlight to be, both, reflected back into space and the heat retained in the atmosphere. They choose to only use the portion of the equation that supports their side of the argument. That is why I bring up the, always important, source of data and how it was obtained. And your source is/was……???

      • Markdpez says:

        I don’t hear anyone other than the rat party screaming about phoney issues like globalony or war on this and war on that. What we should be talking about are two wars that are actually happening right now. The rat party “War on America” and rat party “War on the Truth.” How about we start there Dave?

        • Markdpez says:

          Robert – Not only are some if not most of the sky is falling warmists the same people that were warning of global cooling in the 1970’s, their most amazing inconsistency is that their solutions to combat said crisis is exactly the same.

      • Robb Tipton says:

        Most of us really don’t have a political party. We have seen the damage that selfish, vicious, morally banckrupt politicians are doing to our country and our freedoms and are invoking one of the oldest axioms of human interaction. “The enemy of our enemy is our friend.”
        When politicians divide us into groups against one another for their own person gain, at our expense, we just want to stop them.

      • thrushjz says:

        You’re projecting, condemning people who think differently than you while being guilty of the very thing your accusing them of… “To you the only facts that matter are ones that support what your political party tells you to believe. All other facts begone.”

    • Bryan says:

      No doubt there will be a round of environmentalists telling us that all that carbon in the atmosphere is blocking the sun from reaching the ground. Then we can hear them push to reduce carbon allowing more sunlight.

    • Unfortunately, there is some data that indicates 2014 as world’s warmest yet temp. Maybe cherry picked, but the alarmists do not give up…

      • Mensa Graham says:

        2013 and 2014 have proven to be the coolest summers yet according to my cooling bills. My heating bills are nearing the 2010 record. Numbnuts warming people picked 2011 and 2012 because they did seem to be the warmest two years in quite a while. Good time to push their carbon tax agenda.

      • Lewis I love making fun of you “simpel-folk” who don’t understand science. Are you busy?????

        • Jim Monks says:

          What science? you mean the contrived nonsense, with absolutely no truth behind it? Thats what liberals call science? no wonder America is toss you out on your collective arses.

        • ericzipp1 says:

          Richard Frascone
          It is even funner to pick on ignoramouses who are certain they are right in their there religious beliefs of so called climate science that is constantly being proven wrong. If just a quarter of what the global scientist crowd could be proven to be right then there might be cause for concern. But with the lack of one proven fact and a multitude of falsities one who believes all this crap could well be easily labeled a simpleton.

        • rum says:

          says the guy who lists ed shultz and chris hayes as his go to TV shows. ha. I have seen your “show”. my guess is you were the bully in grammar school. did you graduate from it?

      • DaninMI says:

        They got caught last year trying to stealthily modify the past so the 30s were no longer the highest temps in the past 100 years (and all other pre satellite readings were magically “adjusted” downward at the same time). When they got caught they corrected their unfortunate, completely accidental mistake, but somehow never got around to retracting all of the statements that they put out based on the flawed data.

      • fred17 says:

        NOAA: 1936 was warmest year on record

        • Sandy says:

          “The year 1934 was a very hot year in the United States, ranking fourth behind 2012, 2006, and 1998. However, global warming takes into account temperatures over the entire planet. The U.S.’s land area accounts for only 2% of the earth’s total surface area. Despite the U.S. heat in 1934, the year was not so hot over the rest of the planet, and is barely holding onto a place in the hottest 50 years in the global rankings (today it ranks 49th).”

          Guy sounds as if he knows what he’s talking about, so I’m not going to bother trying to find the authoritative sources I’m betting he used.

        • 1934 was the hottest year before data tampering by NCDC

    • Juan767 says:

      100%. Of computer models predicting warming have been proven wrong. So this is no surprise.

    • Andy if you threw this into the face of an alarmist they would throw it back at you as proof that you don’t understand science. Are you home-schooled?????

      • MarkinTX says:

        Richard…oddly, I’m finding that home schooled kids and private and religious school kids are far better prepared in my university classes than kids coming from government run high schools. Not sure why that is. Would an interesting study to find out. I suspect it may be connected to the social engineering and corrupt teachers unions protection of bad or unqualified teachers, but I’m not sure.

        • GEORGE Daddis says:

          Try “teaching to the lowest common denominator” as your first hypothesis. By definition this method would lower the output of an “average” group of students. Home schoolers of course teach to the ability of THEIR kids.
          (Two “smart” kids could also learn at different rates; e.g one excels at math and his sister at language – but we could have a thread of its own on this topic.)

    • Mike Heuer says:

      Or. they’ll claim “The U.S. isn’t the world” and say “It’s just weather,” but when there is an extended drought in Cal, they blame global warming and man. They must be really disappointed Florida hasn’t been hit by a hurricane in nine years and the continental U.S. hasn’t been hit by a hurricane for the longest period in “recorded history.”

      • Yes you are

      • Interesting, but proof of nothing. The man made CC/GW supporters claim ” you can’t measure global warming season by season, it must be long term”. First, what is the average, and what is the departure from average? Answer; the average for five years, since that is how long we have actually had real data and not ‘could be’ data. The departure, according to EU monitoring, .02 – .086 degrees centigrade. Hardly enough to justify a billion dollar tax, regulations that increase the cost of every form of today’s existence. Secondly, what are you going to do about it? Answer; nothing! Man didn’t make it, and man can’t fix it. However I did notice an anomaly. Seems the only places that are far below average, are the only places where real people live real lives, and pay the bills for all those “hot” third world countries. Excuse me if I don’t put my trust in a Government funded, government controlled, puppet of the all mighty USSA.

      • scott mccall says:

        Hey arcanitecartel, are you ready to be shown the true fool you are? Your short and to ther point retort must have left u feeling super smart. I have a bit of info to help you better understand your super scary picture which you provided to smack down all the idiots commenting here. Are you Ready? Now just let this soak in a bit, before you get all smarty-pants, because I guarantee you I am right. Prepare for smackdown, genius:

        Accurate recordings of temp do not exist for the oceans beyond only a few decades.

        Let the meaning of that soak in…. Thatsvright, let vthe logic work its way through…

        The ocean’s tempurature has not been recorded for centuries like land based temperature in Europe or united states. Notice where the blue spots are? See where all that scary red is?

        This map was created to mislead. This map is not a lie, its carefully designed to be technically true.

        So, “record warmest”, means Nothing. Oooh, I do see many record coolest on land because there have been accurate temperature readings for more than 2 centuries.

        Reality: no cat 3 hurricanes for 9 years. Increased antarctic ice. God, why do I waste my time exposing things to obnoxious know-it-all trolls?

      • paprtowl says:

        only those who believe in statistics or percentages

      • SirGareth says:

        Young people “believe” in global warming because the government unions need more power and have been indoctrinating kids with this nonsense for 30 years. Science is no longer concerned with the physical world because teachers don’t known enough to teach it. Science is now about the political world and taxpayer grant funding.

        Learning science now means learning to love Karl Marx.

      • SirGareth says:

        NASA? The people who said the Challenger was safe enough for school marms and mothers to ride even when the engineers who built it told them there was a 100% certainly it would blow up – and now you trust these same government idiots to tell you the world temperature (which no ones knows or can even define) ?

        Talk about an idiot

    • Ouch! The truth hurts! However, it does feel like global warming.

    • Lucky Pierre says:

      Last week They were telling us that this was the hottest summer in generations…..who is not telling the truth?

    • Jim Whitehead says:

      You can show charts like this to a Global Warming truther, but it won’t do any good. They have their own rigged charts, with phony numbers when you look them up. Its better to make fun of them and move on. Its politics and control, not about truth. Satire sometimes works when logic fails to persuade. For example: Ask them when they planning to move to Alaska because by their logic, it will be Palm Springs in a few years.

    • That has been my experience. Actually, their behavior you describe was what prompted
      my scrutiny to begin with.

    • gary says:

      You are of course right about relling the lefties anything. But I still enjoy teicking the air heads of the DNC.

    • Andy says:

      USA doesn’t equal global. In fact, ” four of the five coolest years occurring above 350 PPM CO2.” Last winter was one of the warmest for Russia and Central Europe. Without taking sides on the debate, I don’t think you’re trolling. But it is rather telling when you’re so eager to throw this in the face of alarmists that you miss the 2 most important details.

      • How weird that some places are above average and other places are below

        • Hawkeye says:

          Yea, that’s what I said Steven. Why don’t you tell your readers the truth on why some places are above and others below, why is that?? Naturally it is impossible. How weird is it NO one replied or tried to debunk my comment stating the real reason for weirdo temp fluctuations. Doesn’t anybody ever look up and notice the chem trails being sprayed? Are you all that stupid? It is so big & bad above our heads that to not notice it, well I think it must mean you are ill. Forget the propaganda news, NOAA, ACCUWEATHER, scientists blah blah. JUST LOOK UP – weather modification – geo-engineering – chem trails – fake clouds, fake snow, fake cold fronts, no humidity, nothing will grow, GMO foods. WHY do you think these things are? Get educated: GEOENGINEERINGWATCH.ORG / You are breathing this poison whether you choose to believe in global warming or not. That is a FACT. Your party buddies are both lying to you. Neither can be trusted. Trust your eyeballs – look up. I showed my local officials 101 photo’s I personally took of chem trails in the making looking up from my house. I photographed X’s, T’s, grid patterns, psycho shade clouds, rainbow reflective clouds, and the planes doing it all. They told me it was nothing, just CON-trails. LOLOLOLOL……. so you see? CON-trails are what CONS tell, because con-trails do not do any of what my photo’s showed. The word alone says LIAR – “CON” trail. NO sorry, not that. It is – Geo-engineering, and that is to reduce sunlight by 2% from hitting the earth to COOL & reflect sun. You haven’t noticed this either? OMG!! DIMMING day light from reduced sun light? Got any fungus issues? This is why, lack of sun. No one notices any of these real things that are completely un-natural AND completely VISIBLE. . You are all brainwashed! Global warming is the globe warming from the inside out and the proof it is REAL is thousands of earthquakes every single day now non stop globally. NOT in MSM news, but IS on USGS et al. Volcanic eruptions are also off the charts. Methane gas explosions are causing it all from global warming. Feeble minds won’t be saved. In these end of days you must tell the truth or you will go to a very dark place. Best to repent now, God is on His way and He see’s all, can’t fool him. Earth has an ailment called: THERMAL EXPANSION OF EARTH’S CRUST. She is getting ready to fire back at all who have poisoned her. Enjoy the ride, pole shift will be fun! The stars will appear to be falling. The sky will appear to be changing color as the Ball of Redemption closes in on us. It too is on the way. God’s fast ball is fast approaching. He has had it with the insanity and the lies. TRUTH is all that ever prevails and all that will be saved. Wake up and save yourself. Tell the truth! If you vote you are saying you “want” that idiocy, so don’t vote either, to save yourself. Screw “them”, they are not on the list to be saved. Stay far away from “them” all. WARNING. This is a test by God and majority of people are failing His test. I am trying to help you. Blessings.

        • Twilight Zone music

  2. This is good information; thank you.

    Here are three other ideas that I think would be great metrics to look at.

    1. The percentage of stations that experience any snow during the year. This could offer a decent approximation of the southernmost extent of snow each year, expressed as a percentage of the total land area.

    2. Two series on one graph, the average daily minimum and average daily maximum temperatures across all stations for each year. Exclude Alaska and Hawaii, and go back to 1880.

    3. One series, alternating between the July average of the national daily maximum and the January average of the national daily minimum. Exclude Alaska and Hawaii and go back to 1880.

    • pap says:

      as you know well, most weather stations are often at airports (ie phoenix az: Sky Harbo) there is a lot of concrete and asphalt… the average daily lows and high tend to rise as more and more as time goes on because cites tend to lay more and more concrete and asphalt.

      you really need to look at record highs. I don’t see them popping at an alarming rate… If you don’t believe me. go to the following site an see for your self…

      • Ray Tort says:

        There is a graph/graphs somewhere somewhere showing the average monthly highs and the average monthly lows. During the last warm period – 1976-1998 the lows got warmer while the highs remained the same or declined. The Urban Heat island did not allow the land to cool off at night near the measurement stations that had become surrounded by more asphalt and buildings.

      • Tony has done a lot of studies of temperature records in the U.S.

  3. Its as if God is trying to tell the Global Warming activists something.

    • Bodhisattva says:

      And they place their hands over their ears, shout “la la la” and refuse to listen.

      • Mensa Graham says:

        Have you noticed children do that la la la thing also? Children are quite similar to progressives in their manner.

    • Dave says:

      Right – God must be saying “shut up you liberals, your lord wants more pollution, more guns, and less tolerance of others”

      You right wingers are as far from God as can be.

      • Guy says:

        CO2 is not pollution. It is god’s gift to plants.

        • Dar says:


        • john says:

          I never have your heard from any of the scientists that the enormous number of square miles of corn and soybean in the heartland has absorbed tremendous quantities of CO2 for decades now. If you reduce CO2 levels you stand to stunt the growth of the food supply thereby causing starvation on a worldwide level. Speculation intended. But you get the point right?

        • john says:

          And furthermore never have the scientists shown that increases of CO2 has been seen with corresponding increases of phytoplankton growth in the seas. If the CO2 goes up so does plant life growth. Phytoplankton covered the seas in the carboniferous period to the point that the seas were green in color and we are nowhere close to this degree of CO2 saturation. The scientists are liars at best for this nonsense.

      • Rich says:

        I’m trying to find where the God of the Bible asks for his followers to be tolerant of those who do not follow his word.

        • At one point God told the Jews to kill everything, take no spoils, etc.
          God punished Isreal with forty years in the dessert because they were reluctant to kill those in the Promised Land.
          They marched around the city for seven days, blew trumpets and the walls of Jerico fell.
          Samson killed Thousands of Philistenes to the glory of God.

          Nope, don’t say anywhere that we should show mercy or tolerance to Infidals!

      • and I guess you have all the right answers, obummer reid pelosie, Kerry Hillary, and I can not forget you, all a bunch of commie idiots,

      • Dave, what do you eat the days before you get these visions about how far from God other people are? And when it’s happening, does God talk to you directly or does he send angels?

      • jeff says:

        It’s clear to me, Dave has nothing but God’s love and peace in his heart and wants to share that.

      • “Thou shall not bear false witness”

      • Dave, God is seeking YOU even now. In the days ahead you will have encounters and conversations with people that will bear that out.

      • Bfman22 says:

        No conservatives are not, God would fully want a person to be able to protect themselves, especially against progressives that want to take away their rights, There are NO conservatives who favor pollution, that is a liberal lie that nobody believes, like the war on women, as a matter of fact, AGW alarmists would be doing better to spend their time fighting against real pollution, like PCBs, rather than CO2, which is not a pollutant, Last,conservatives are the tolerant, from this global warming nonsense and the idea of debate in science to fighting against slavery, the LEFT tries to re-write history. You lose lefty.

    • Rudolpho LasPe`rra says:

      More and thicker ice at the ploes, Polar bear population at all time highs, no land fall hurricanes for 9+ years, the longest period on record, Yes Manbearpig is cloven hooves in ears going oink oink oink

    • Tim huds says:

      Please call the, what they are: weather deniers

  4. Dominic says:

    Facts are stubborn things and liberals never believe facts that don’t agree with their propaganda .

    • Dave says:

      This news story has been linked to by Drudge… This is why the comment section is full of hateful, ignorant bigots. America’s dumb, brought together by Drudge.

      • You are the only hateful ignorant bigot I see. look in the mirror

      • jeff says:

        “hateful ignorant bigot” rolls off of Dave’s tongue just like, well….a dumb hateful ignorant bigot.

      • Marto says:

        So, if I don’t believe in man-made global warming I’m a bigot? You people need to let go of the race card and find something else to cling to. You’re starting to embarrass yourselves……

      • Riker says:

        Your comment is merely an attack on a website and thus you concede the point about temperatures being lower as truth.

        Thank you for playing.

      • Darrin Ballard says:

        Bigot = A conservative winning an argument with a liberal…….This equality has become virtually axiomatic in ITS power to predict behavior and Dave has further proven the point. Thanks Dave.

      • Yet, here you are posting on Drudge.

      • Drudge didn’t make the news a story. Drudge simply brought it to the sight. Some other, and probably a liberal, news organization wrote, edited, and printed the article. The liberals should be ashamed of blaming drudge report for sharing propaganda meant for a select crowd of ideologues. I would think an intelligent group of people would welcome any and all exposure to its research and news. Unfortunately. Dave doesn’t think anyone should have read the article except those who it was meant for. Kind of like Obozo not allowing the press to cover his remarks at his fund raising events. No one but the ignorant monopoly mongers would support his ‘common wealth’ ideas, so they shield the donors from exposure to the general public who would seek retaliation for his lies.

      • philjourdan says:

        Yes, Drudge does bring hateful, ignorant bigots like you into this site.

        So what is your burning cross count?

    • Dominic thermometers don’t lie. You just have to learn how to read them. Any questions??????

      • Justa Joe says:

        Actually taking the “global” temperature” seems like a very difficult task especially if you’ve got a anti-free enterprise axe to grind.

  5. forrest says:

    It would also be nice to be able to exclude stations that are situated in “hot spots” such as; on tarred rooftops, near outdoor HVAC coils, on tarmac, etcetera.

  6. Frank K. says:

    Congrats – you’ve made Drudge again! So fix that apostrophe before the guests arrive… 🙂

  7. Wil says:

    When I questioned alarmists I would get political rants because they knew no facts. I totally agree with ruling out data where biased by urban buildup because asphalt and concrete retain heat. We should only use long term historical sites. We also need a correlation of various measurement methods as those have changed over time.

  8. Whatever you do, don’t confuse the global warmistas with the facts. It just confuses them, and then they start to drool Pablum from their mouths. Not a pretty picture!!!

  9. Ed G. says:

    Yes, U.S. temperatures decide whether the entire globe is warming or cooling. Those climate doomsayers are wrong once again. They keep forgetting that we represent the entire globe, so global cooling or warming is decided based on what the current temperature is in your neighborhood in the U.S.

  10. Pooter McGloot says:

    We’re having the coolest year on record because that deceptive, sneaky little Global Warming is…well…deceptive and sneaky! Just when you think its safe to crack out your long sleeves and jackets BOOOM! Mister Global Warming heats up the planet and we all burst into flames! He might even allow a little rain and snow…but be warned (or warmed) that glowing POS is bound and determined to insinerate this planet! Why anybody hired him in the first place is a total mystery to be! I wish we could just Climate Change our minds and let this clown GO!!

  11. It is totally compatible with a warming trend. It just means that climate is becoming less extreme. But if warming causes less extreme climate, why do we need to stop the warming?

  12. Pocho Basura says:

    …will algore be giving the hundreds of millions of dollars back?

  13. Mike Moore says:

    From the same government that said don’t worry about the EBOLA THING …..they got it covered!!!

  14. Robert Beers says:

    Excellent data to add to the rest. It is always amazing how political agenda morphs into a sort of religion where facts contrary to the belief system come to be treated as heresy, such as the data involving the record extant of the ice caps, or the fact that the 130,000 glaciers present at Al Gore’s birth remain t this day, some receding, other extending, just as they have for the past 70 years.

    • daveginoly says:

      I’ve seen comments by liberals on other sites in which they mock conservatives for not always being in agreement on some issue or other. They seem to think that their lock-step mentality is evidence of their superiority (it is certainly advantageous politically) and don’t recognize that they operate like a cult that tolerates no dissent from its leaders and punishes those who stray from the “true belief.”

      • Traitor In Chief says:

        More than simply “operate like”. It IS a cult. That’s why the tip jar refers to “The Borg”.

    • Spanky T Smackme says:

      Yep….and I really got an insite a few years back when one of the alarmist scientists quoted a young glacier of 35,000 years that was melting.! Just where was this glacier 50,000 years ago ? The earth is ALWAYS warming and cooling, its a natural cycle that we CANNOT control. Anyone who thinks that MAN is responsible, or can control it when there are at least 5 volcanos active needs to have their head examined, then cut off.

  15. Past time to revoke the “sex-crazed poodle’s” Nobel Science Prize.

  16. Oops! Someone please notify Algore and tell hi…. Wait. Never mind.

  17. Can you please cite your data source. My Alarmists friends will jump on that

  18. Phil Jones says:

    Well done Anthony. … Global Warming is a 97% hoax….

    Science isn’t about fraud. .. lying… and fudging the numbers… actual readings from the air and sea show no Global Warming…

    • Bodhisattva says:

      “Global Warming” isn’t a hoax, just claims that humans are a significant driver of it.

      In fact the world has been warming, normally and naturally, for thousands of years.

      And it’s a good thing, too, because human civilization would never have reached the levels it has without global warming.

      Have to be careful how you phrase things because simply stating “there is no global warming” opens the door for ridicule and the ‘denier’ label.

      I knew what you meant. Any person with an IQ above room temperature knew what you meant. But you have to remember, you’re dealing with a bunch of underachievers on the other side of the argument. What few brain cells they had to spare were assaulted by drugs, alcohol and other forms of abuse and so their cognitive reasoning skills are dismal.

      • bobyates77 says:

        Global warming IS a hoax. And the graph above is meaningless. The number of measurements is not constant or even consistent, and it does not represent measurements from the same locations each year.

        Comparing the average temperature of Honolulu, HI in one year to the average temperature of Honolulu, HI AND Fairbanks, AK in the next year does not tell you anything. Any person with an IQ above room temperature SHOULD understand this.

        In short, neither you nor any living human being can show a statistically meaningful trend** in the global average temperature with data from direct temperature measurements. This is because those measurements were never made …. they do not exist.

        ** ( )

        • buckeyeman says:

          I really think it would be more accurate to describe the AGW push as a fraud, rather than a hoax.

  19. Bodhisattva says:

    When you bring this to the attention of alarmists they claim that the trend is only here in the U.S. and not reflected in worldwide data (even though, before that data is falsified, I wager it is). Indeed they have any number of excuses they give for refusing to accept reality. I still try to reason with them from time to time – not sure why. It’s a rather quixotic waste of time and effort, I’ve found.

  20. Jack Smith says:

    Never could of told here in Texas.

  21. Buzz says:

    Blame it all on Al Bore and that damn global warming

  22. Lyle says:

    I’m sitting in Oklahoma where it’s over 90 today. Comparing an incomplete year with complete years is a bit of a stretch.

  23. Don Ross says:

    It past time that we call this “climate change” for what it is: a grand (and failed) scheme by leftist politicians to craft money-magnet legislation, such as the carbon footprint tax. If they had their way, we would pay Uncle Sam a nice little pay-off for every mile he let us. And who knows what else they could come up with under the climate change scheme. It is helpful to not that in the 70s the propaganda/science fiction fear was global cooling and a new ice-age, which morphed into the 90s global warming hysteria. Now we have good ole “climate change,” which has occurred on earth since its biosphere was created. Follow the money….or the beg for money.

    • squid2112 says:

      If they had their way, we would pay Uncle Sam a nice little pay-off …

      No, if they had their way, you would be forced to give them 100% of your income, and they would still demand more… period.

  24. The Believers won’t listen, they’ll counter by pointing to the warmer Weather in Kazakistan or someplace else on the Planet. They’re masters of Dodgeball.

  25. TruthInSpending says:

    About three decades ago, the climate experts decreed that we were entering into a new ice age.

    Maybe they were right.

  26. Bob Cherry says:

    Incomplete my ice! Since the 60’s, there’s an obvious trend. But, the ALleGOREys will smoke and mirror the issue. Look for the sampling stations to be relocated to ”warmers” friendly locations— under the radar of course. Look, too, for avg. temp samples to reverse course.

  27. Martin Weiss says:

    I was going to comment earlier but the rising sea levels swept me out to sea and I just got back.

  28. Randy Kirk says:

    Thanks God for all that CO2. Saving us from freezing to death in the new ice age

  29. Editor says:

    What about a survey on those US HCN Stations. When they began working and how their surrounding changed since then (new houses, roads, parking lots and so on…)?

  30. john says:

    It’s cooler because all of the heat is being stored in the ice that was caused by the cooling (but not GLOBAL cooling) that was caused by a vortex that was caused by global warming…what’s the use, science is too difficult for you teabaggers to understand so I won’t go any further.

    • Lonewolf says:

      Wait what?…”all of the heat is being stored in the ice”…and I usually store my cold in the fire…

    • Traitor In Chief says:

      The future will be warmer, unless it’s cooler, except when it stays the same, unless we say so. Excelsior! 🙂

  31. YouGotToBeKiddingMe says:

    So I can assume that Al Gore is going to return all of the money and awards he received because his global warming calamity doesn’t appear to be developing as he said it would.

  32. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    I guess the warming cultist looters will need to have bigger bonfires roaring under the thermometers next summer…if they can get anything to ignite at 390-below zero, of course…

  33. NO! Global warming! Global warming, global warming, global warming!!” Global warming makes everything cold AND hot, in addition to as causing all wars, crime, divorces, racism, poverty, diabetes, ebola, and everything else that exists. It’s true! Don’t trust the scientific evidence that disproves the “AGW” hoax.scam, you just have to BELIEVE that global warming is real, and then it is. Why would our wealthy authoritarian communist masters lie to us? Communism now! It’s the only way to stop global warming!!!

  34. More people should understand how close we could be to consecutive cold year harvest failures, famines and social upheavals like those in 1601-1603. One third of the population perished during the related Time of Troubles in Russia (Смутное время).

    I pray we never have to learn about the real temperature threat and suffer the consequences of our idiocy.

  35. 2 Words “GLOBAL WARMING”

  36. tngilmer says:

    This simply cannot be a true story. Obama, Bob Beckel, Al Gore, and all the other liberals have said the ice would melt and we would all die from global warming. They would not lie to us, would they? (Sarcasm alert)

  37. C10593 says:

    Using sunspot cycles as a guide, six years from now it may be rare to see an 80 degree day in Chicago. The USDA growing zones may have to temporarily be disregarded for a few years, as zone 7 will become zone 5; zone 4 and zone 5 becomes zone 3. A lot of people are going to be angry, they planted stuff that wouldn’t normally grow in their zone.

  38. Joshua says:

    That chart says it all. Some years are warmer, some cooler. However, no matter how many facts that we are presented with the alarmists are going to continue to preach their cult message of global warming. They want taxes so they can fund more BS careers.

  39. Glen says:

    This article is not factually correct; while the east of the the US had the coldest temperatures on record, the west had the warmest temperatures on record:

    And there you have it – climate *is* changing, at least is you define *change* as a deviation from an established baseline.

    I know it’s incredibly hard to grasp for people who don’t value logic, and have a hard time reconciling seemingly contradictory and/or paradoxical statements, *but* global warming doesn’t mean that global temperatures uniformly goes up everywhere at once, at a predictably given rate over a predicatable period of time. What will happen first is that temperatures and weather patterns will become more extreme due to the fact that there is excess energy introduced into the weather system overall. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing: Some areas of the globe will become much colder, others much warmer; overall though weather is becoming more violent and extreme, with great consequences for all areas of human endeavor, most importantly the economy and our food supply.

  40. Reality Check says:

    It is not the best form to use Acronyms without defining them in your post/article.

    Now I will have to go look up HCN and decide if omitting it was on purpose, or just bad form.

  41. Theodore White says:

    I’m glad that Steven Goddard posted this as the trending to global cooling continues.

    For years, I’ve been forecasting the arrival of global cooling to become official, in my climate forecast, by mid-December 2017. This cycle of global cooling will last approximately 36 years from that date.

    For those who want to understand ‘climate change,’ it is best to remember that we live on a planet that orbits in space (something many tend to forget for some reason) and that the Sun is the cause of all climate and the resultant weather on Earth.

    All of our climate conditions come from space as the principle is astrophysical causes to geophysical effects. it is this principle, along with others, that prove that ‘man-made global warming’ is literally impossible. It can never occur according to the laws of physics.

    Saying that, global warming is caused by the Sun and we are in the waning years of our planet’s most recent warming since 1980-81. That cycle ends in 2017 and it is global cooling that is on the rise. All the signatures have pointed to it for years, that is, for those who have their eyes open.

    Warming is always good for the Earth, but cooling is not and the fact of the matter is that in three years we will have entered a climate change regime to global cooling and then that will be that.

    What we are witnessing is the coming pause in our Interglacial era with the hibernation of the Sun, whose heliosphere will weaken, causing all the climate of all the planets in our solar system to cool down – including the Earth.

    We have been on this cooling trend since about 2001, and as the Arctic and Antarctic ice extents grow and thicken we will see, soon after 2017, some of the coldest years on record heading into the early 2020s.

    It is very important for everyone to understand and get this fact because it will impact the lives of everyone – like it or not.

    Global cooling will continue, as the new climate regime throughout the 2020s and 2030s, when it will peak and continue into the 2040s.

    Theodore White, astrometeorologist.Sci

  42. Derron says:

    Coolest year on record? Must be due to globull warming, somehow.

  43. Flechette says:

    A little factual ammo for you guys to use against the “Global Warmists” whenever possible: Data.

    The amount of temperature rise that Algore et al are citing in the government data shows a massive 0.8 degree C rise in temperature…over 100 years.

    THAT’S what they have their panties in a bunch about! A measly eight-tenths of one degree! Over a century! What did they expect, four-tenths of one degree? 0.0001 degree? NO CHANGE AT ALL?

    Add to this that there has been no warming *at all* for the last 17 years and the people defending Algore start to look really gullible, even to your average Joe.

  44. DJ Armstrong says:

    Wow – the ignorance on this site is really stunning. Do you people realize that the article and data are concerned ONLY with the United States? I know this might be hard to grasp, but there is actually more to the Earth than the United States. In fact, the US represents only about 2% of the world’s total surface area, and about 7% of the world’s land surface area. It’s not possible to make ANY conclusions about the Earth cooling or warming from such a small data set.

    Oh – and until Theodore White gives up reading tealeaves and playing with his astrology symbols, I suggest nobody bother to read his nonsense.

    • Everybody realizes that this applies only to the US, everybody realizes that it’s 2%of the earth, and everybody realizes that you are a drooling imbecile for pointing it out.

      Do you realize that your brain only represents 2% of the weight of your head?

    • rah says:

      DJ Armstrong says:Oh – and until Theodore White gives up reading tealeaves and playing with his astrology symbols, I suggest nobody bother to read his nonsense.

      Please leave then. We’ll make sure the screen door hits you in your posterior as you leave.

    • Theodore White says:

      As Steven Goddard says, ‘you’re an idiot’ DJ Armstrong.

      For one, I do not use ‘tea leaves’ nor ‘play with astrology symbols.’

      Secondly, it is your ignorance that is ‘really stunning’ and nonsensical.

      I didn’t use ‘tea leaves’ to forecast the 2009 El Nino and 2010’s La Nina, nor did I use tea leaves’ to forecast California’s multi-year drought.

      As for your silly comment: “t’s not possible to make ANY conclusions about the Earth cooling or warming from such a small data set.”

      My conclusions on what is happening to the Earth’s climate come from my astronomic analysis of what the Sun and the planets are doing.

      I continue to remind you (the ignorant) that the Earth is PLANET that lives in space. The Earth is not an isolated member of the solar system, nor is the Earth a laboratory that is disconnected from outer space, which is from where our planet’s climate and weather is governed and forced.

      As for the rest of your silly comment,

      Most of the readers here know that the United States is not the entire planet, nor do they expect that one dataset speaks for the entire planet as well.

      Saying that, the trending to global cooling (in the U.S.) as well as the world, has been ongoing (from all the climate data) since about 2001 and the southern oceans have been cooling even longer.

      As the SUN (which you seem to dismiss as a ‘tea leaf’) will enter its Grand Minimum and that means one thing and one thing only – global cooling. All the trends have been evident to those with the eyes to see them.

      I have been forecasting the arrival of global cooling for years and we are closer now. It will become official in mid-December 2017 (and tea leaf or not) everyone will have to deal with the consequences of what that means for the Earth’s climate and the resultant weather global cooling produces.

      And it will affect you as well – despite you thinking that somehow your ignorant and nonsensical comments are equal to a forecaster who actually forecasts the climate and weather in the real world.

      Get a grip.

  45. Mike McCurdy says:

    If you constructed a moving average on this graph it would show a gradual warming trend from about 1885 to the 1930’s and then a gradual cooling trend from the 1930’s to the present.
    Until the climate change debate is driven by science rather than politics and money, we will never have the truth.

  46. Al D says:

    Damn! There goes that carbon tax we wanted so badly. All the scheming and all the scientists we bought off – all for naught.

    It looks like we’ll have to tell the truth of the matter. Global warming isn’t the problem. Pollution is the problem, be it air, land, or water. Next on the leftist agenda – a worldwide pollution tax.

  47. Al D says:

    But, but, but… all the warm air is being pushed higher up into the atmosphere by cold air that has collected CO2 and methane, making it heavier. That extra weight pushes it closer to the ground making the atmosphere only appear to be colder.

    Hey, I can practice pseudo-science just as well as anybody.

  48. GS says:

    I remember growing up, they always referenced the 1930s when talking about heat records. If we beat one or not, etc.

    Does the “pause” at least put to bed the idea that rising CO2 leads to higher temperatures? If not, what kind of science is that?

  49. Jason Robart says:

    What all REAL scientists know is that this planet is freezing to death, and there’s 50 million years of data to prove it to the Global Cooling deniers.

  50. Jason Robart says:

    What’s normal for this planet is NOT Polar Bears, it’s Polar alligators.

  51. Brian says:

    Hey Drudge readers! Too bad the US isn’t he entire world. Oops. Another misleading headline. Troll away.

  52. Sonny says:

    It’s George Bush’s fault !

  53. Jason Robart says:

    Learn from what everyone else on the planet is doing…. GROW FUR!!!!

  54. Truck says:

    Could it be attributed to the 3 nuclear meltdowns (Fukushima, March 2011) causing a sort of “nuclear winter”?

    Older studies done on nuclear radiation entering the environment showed that a nuclear winter ensues.

    Note thateEver since Japan’s nuclear meltdowns blanketed the U.S. with radiation (see there were suddenly “record droughts”, “record storms”, “record tornadoes”, so much so that even NOAA noted 2011 as having a record number of weather/climate disasters.

    It’s certainly an interesting hypothesis; one which the nuclear industry does not want people connecting the dots on.

    • Nuclear winter is caused by particulates (i.e., dirt) kicked up when large numbers of nuclear weapons are detonated in the open air in a short period of time. Nuclear meltdowns do not cause nuclear winter, because they don’t kick up particulates. Or at least not measurable quantities of them.


  55. JakSin says:

    It’s not fair that America is having cooler weather and every other place on the planet is having record high temparatures. Obama better go back to the UN and apologize again.

  56. Harold Vivaldi says:

    Seems to me the correct analysis of the situation is to start from the end and work backwards. We all know the aim of this global warming hysteria by progressives is to control our lives and restrict our freedoms to the maximum extent. Thinking it through, to them IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER IF THE EARTH IS WARMING OR COOLING. Think about it. “Global warming” became “climate change” and lately the even more ominous “climate disruption.” And who is disrupting the climate?
    YOU ARE! And we progressives need to take measures to prevent you from disrupting the climate. If it becomes evident (as Russian climate scientists believe) that cooling is taking place, you can bet that new measures will be drafted to combat cooling. Be aware that global cooling is far more dangerous to humankind than warming…so measures will be quite severe.So spending time on debunking GW really gets us nowhere…it is simply what is called, in football, a misdirection play. One more thing. Calling the opposition “idiots” and such is a losing proposition. Their leadership knows exactly what they are doing. Big Al milked tens of millions out of the system and those Gov’t grants keep a lot of climatologists from starvation.

    • reelman1946 says:

      The earth will slowly FREEZE because earth is heated by the sun which SHRINKS (matter becomes energy)
      as it gives us life-giving light. (This fusion process IS “settled science”)

      The apostles of MMGW shredded “incovenient” data and democrat Gore refused questions
      after his many MMGW global rants…this tells all who know science…this is a huge HOAX.
      >>REAL science does not EVER shred data or refuse questions<> EARLIEST SNOWFALL ON RECORD IN SD……
      Sept2014>> Summer Snow Blankets Denver…
      Sept2014>> Antarctic sea ice reaches all-time record high…
      JUNE 23, 2014 DRUDGE REPORT…Scandal of fiddled global warming data…
      USA has actually been COOLING since 1930s, the hottest decade on record…
      PAPER: ‘Myth of arctic meltdown’…
      Satellite images show ice cap has GROWN…
      Gore predicted it would be ICE-FREE by now…
      October 5, 2014 DRUDGE REPORT
      ‘Where’s the global warming?’
      OCTOBER 2014….
      The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see – Ayn Rand
      *”The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those that speak it”….George Orwell (who wrote “1984”)

  57. panca says:

    All your points should be argued on the merits, but unless you’ve kept in mind one important fact, you’ll need to restate your case:

    This context this chart provides is dishonest unless along with the main line another axis and plot is included…the number of installed stations. Because the average temperature is lower than 90 (or we’d be screwed) as the number of installed stations increases, it’s mathematically required that the percentage if stations hitting 90 drops.

    I’m not making statements about the stations count. I’m saying that without that critical information, this post is just propaganda.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Steve uses the raw data from NOAA’s U.S. Historical Climatology Network (USHCN)

      The U.S. Historical Climatology Network (USHCN) data are used to quantify national- and regional-scale temperature changes in the contiguous United States (CONUS). The USHCN is a designated subset of the NOAA Cooperative Observer Program (COOP) Network with sites selected according to their spatial coverage, record length, data completeness, and historical stability.

      In other words this is the best land based data available over a large area. For example Jo Nova showed the Australian historical data was TRUNCATED (not rounded) to the nearest whole number. Australian Remperature Records Shoddy Inaccurate Unreliable – Surprise!

      If you go to the black bar at the top you find USHCN Code

      You can get my USHCN C++ code (which shows the amount of fake data) here. It is simple enough to figure out and similar to the GHCN code. It downloads and runs much faster than the GHCN daily calculations. You can do the whole thing in a few minutes….

    • Gail Combs says:

      I should add that Steve looks at US data, Jo Nova et al. look at Australian data and The team: Frank Lansner and Nicolai Skjoldby are literally digging into the ORIGINAL European Historical Records in their The Original Temperatures Project They have also looked at the entire global data set as you can see at their website.

      Steve’s data does not stand alone but unless you are aware of the others doing digging into the data you would not be aware of that.

      DiggingInTheClay looks at The ‘Station drop out’ problem as does E.M. Smith Thermometer Zombie Walk

      That is just a few of the private citizens doing digging into the massive UN/governments deceit.

  58. retardicans says:

    Yes the climate for one season in the US changed. Unfortunatly global temperature averages are taken outside the US as well because they are well…global. (Remember in geography class where the US landmass does not equal the world?) They (rest of the globe) should just use our numbers and everyone will be just fine.

  59. Hank says:

    Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for Everybody!

    Why is nowhere ever “Too Black” or “Too Asian”, but ANYTHING White NEEDS “diversity” and “multiculturalism”?
    It seems like the “Race” problem is code for the “White” problem

    Diversity means racial and cultural replacement in ONLY white countries and ALL white countries.

    Diversity is CODE for White Genocide
    Anti racist is CODE for Anti White

  60. “I want to pause here and talk about this notion of consensus, and the rise of what has been called consensus science. I regard consensus science as an extremely pernicious development that ought to be stopped cold in its tracks. Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled. Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you’re being had.
    Let’s be clear: the work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right, which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference to the real world. In science consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant is reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus.
    There is no such thing as consensus science. If it’s consensus, it isn’t science. If it’s science, it isn’t consensus. Period.”
    Michael Crichton

    • Harold Vivaldi says:

      Well said

    • reelman1946 says:

      The earth will slowly FREEZE because earth is heated by the sun which SHRINKS (matter becomes energy)
      as it gives us life-giving light. (This fusion process IS “settled science”)

      The apostles of MMGW shredded “incovenient” data and democrat Gore refused questions
      after his many MMGW global rants…this tells all who know science…this is a huge HOAX.
      >>REAL science does not EVER shred data or refuse questions<> EARLIEST SNOWFALL ON RECORD IN SD……
      Sept2014>> Summer Snow Blankets Denver…
      Sept2014>> Antarctic sea ice reaches all-time record high…
      JUNE 23, 2014 DRUDGE REPORT…Scandal of fiddled global warming data…
      USA has actually been COOLING since 1930s, the hottest decade on record…
      PAPER: ‘Myth of arctic meltdown’…
      Satellite images show ice cap has GROWN…
      Gore predicted it would be ICE-FREE by now…
      October 5, 2014 DRUDGE REPORT
      ‘Where’s the global warming?’
      OCTOBER 2014….
      The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see – Ayn Rand
      *”The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those that speak it”….George Orwell (who wrote “1984”)

  61. Golfendude says:

    NO NO NO… AL said NO… YOU LIE. Give me another blanket please.

  62. jimmiemeehan says:

    isn’t it worth remembering that the “record” is very short so short to be insignificant ….. we have less that 200 years out of tens of millions…..we don’t know if we could effect global temperature if we tried, but we do know that if we could we would like to keep it warm…life is hard during global cooling glaciers are not good neighbors.

  63. Beckwith says:

    What is an HCN station?

    I hate acronyms.

  64. Ed says:

    If man made factors are warning the planet how could we possibly have the coldest year ever recorded? It is cooler than at the peak of the Roman empire. The experts have told us that it has very little to do with the sun, volcanism, or the precession of the earth. I know they are experts, but sometimes i wonder if they are really that smart.

  65. Grizz Mann says:

    So sad, Al gore could have picked global cooling. Better luck on the coin toss next time,NOT.

  66. Emerson says:

    This news just proves my point even more that we must redistribute other people’s wealth!

  67. Mark Caplan says:

    The United States comprises 2% of the earth’s surface. What happened on the rest of the globe?

    Also, it’s not the “coolest year on record.” It’s the year with the fewest U.S. HCN stations recording temperatures over 90 degrees, which is a related but different statistic.

    • The year with the least coverage of heat is most certainly the coolest year. It is analogous to how sea ice is reported – i.e. by ranking the summer coverage area.

    • sammy4231 says:

      In other global news, the heat dove to the bottom of the oceans, where we have no historical records.
      Also, this bottle of medicine will make you really smart. Send $950.

    • Rex says:

      BOTH POLAR ICECAPS GREW TO RECORD SIZE!!!! + Global Warming????

      And a shipload of Global Warming liars got frozen into the seas ice while studying why the sea ice was melting in the Anntarctic Summer!!!!!!

      I hope you are trying to sound like one who repeats REALLY STUPID LIES!

  68. Powell says:

    Sheer stupidity this article. The world is on track to have the hottest temperatures ever this year:

    Cherry picking just a small segment of earth is not going to tell you anything. It is a closed system. If the US was cooler it means the rest of the world was even hotter!

  69. RotalSnart says:

    GLOBAL WARMING (temperature increases ALL OVER THE ENTIRE WORLD) causes RECORD COLD TEMPERATURES all over the United States!……That’s why we put trays of water into our oven to make ice cubes, right Democrats? Universal Warming makes it colder……Right?

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh “The science is settled!

    Face it, Democrats are too stupid to know what “warming” “global” and “climate” mean…..

    You fools do know that Climate and Weather are synonyms right? When HASN’T the weather changed? Democrats are too cowardly to answer…..They just repeat the lies, they never explain them…..

  70. RotalSnart says:

    Democrats are so ignorant they don’t even realize that Climate and Weather are synonyms….that means they mean the exact same thing, or nearly the exact same thing. Do you fools even know what a synonym is? Maybe you should google the definition, and you won’t sound like such ignorant liars.

    WHY do Democrats want the weather to stay the same?

  71. Wasn’t it Al Gore who said in 2008 that in 2013 the Arctic ice cap would be gone? And it’s still with us.

  72. Dale says:

    It would be interesting to see an overlay of solar activity on this chart

  73. World Peace Now! says:

    California is in a record drought because a warmer atmosphere shifts weather patterns. El Nino, which usually brings rain, is now to far South due to increased warming in the oceans. US Fish and Wildlife reports Polar Bear populations crashing due to their habitat disapearing. Seals are being stranded tens of thousands.

    Everyone should be doing their part to help moderate the Earth’s weather. Even if you don’t believe the 100% confirmed science by 99.9999% of Atmospheric scientists and the United Nations, why is it a bad thing to use less and stop being destructive of Mother Earth?

    Millions of people are starving or having to move because of shifting global weather and all you do is try to deny climate change and how many people it is affecting. What happens when all the beach front properties are under water and we lose 25% of our land mass. Then people will be forced into even smaller and more congested areas breeding all types of disease and starvation. The time to act is now. The time to deny is over.

    • California has had 200 year droughts. You have no idea what you are talking about

    • squid2112 says:

      Everyone should be doing their part to help moderate the Earth’s weather.

      ROFLMAO … hahahahaha … this is a gem … this quote has to win 1st prize!

      Are you freaking kidding me? Humans can’t even control Ebola, but you seem to believe they can “moderate the Earth’s weather” … OMG! … what a complete imbecile!

    • reelman1946 says:

      The earth will slowly FREEZE because earth is heated by the sun which SHRINKS (matter becomes energy)
      as it gives us life-giving light. (This fusion process IS “settled science”)

      The apostles of MMGW shredded “incovenient” data and democrat Gore refused questions
      after his many MMGW global rants…this tells all who know science…this is a huge HOAX.
      >>REAL science does not EVER shred data or refuse questions<> EARLIEST SNOWFALL ON RECORD IN SD……
      Sept2014>> Summer Snow Blankets Denver…
      Sept2014>> Antarctic sea ice reaches all-time record high…
      JUNE 23, 2014 DRUDGE REPORT…Scandal of fiddled global warming data…
      USA has actually been COOLING since 1930s, the hottest decade on record…
      PAPER: ‘Myth of arctic meltdown’…
      Satellite images show ice cap has GROWN…
      Gore predicted it would be ICE-FREE by now…
      October 5, 2014 DRUDGE REPORT
      ‘Where’s the global warming?’
      OCTOBER 2014….
      The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see – Ayn Rand
      *”The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those that speak it”….George Orwell (who wrote “1984”)

  74. dana says:

    The Earth surface is mostly water. A rise in enthalpy would yield more humidity, not temperature…simular to a boiling pot of water. Until the water is flashed to a gas, the temperature remains the saturation temp…100 deg C.

    Most humans are versed in popular culture. Understanding latent heat and other basic TRUTHS of thermodynamics would cut into the entertainment value of “blowhards” professing the world is ending; repent. Of course this is not surprising. The emotional world view is rampant…especially in western democracies, where entitlements trump common sense.

  75. Von Rowley says:

    What exactly do the Climate Changers mean by climate change?
    Is thier goal to reverse the cooler climate to hotter or never allow winter to change to spring or summer or fall?
    The only Change is Gore and his gang have made a huge profit off Duping academics who propagandize the Hoax, ripping off Ignorant Elitist nit wits.

    • sammy4231 says:

      By Climate Change, they mean they can’t avoid the fact that the AGW falsification was met.
      Climate Change is unfalsifiable. It always changes. If we suddenly experience stasis, that’s a change from change. As soon as stasis ends, change. Unfalsifiable assertions are not science.
      They’re peddling fetich cures and bell-ringing and exorcism. They’re hunting for witches.

      • By Climate Change, they mean they can’t avoid the fact that the AGW falsification was met.

        I think this is a very generous assessment, Sammy. In my experience, the typical anthropogenic global warming believer like some who were attracted to this Goddard post doesn’t have a clue what the falsification concept means. Just look at the naivety and outright stupidity of some of the comments. Do you think these individuals understand how and why they should define a “null hypothesis” or how the scientific method works?

        You are right about their fetishism. No other gas but CO2 has ever held such power over human imagination, with the possible exemption of sulfur dioxide, and even that only by its presumed association with the devil.

  76. MacDaddyWatch says:

    Follow the money. This hoax is dying a death that is all too slow.

  77. Rex says:

    Why don’t Democrats want the weather to change? They want to raise our taxes to keep the weather from changing. ……amazing

    Don’t they know how disasterous it would be if the weather stayed the same? I’m not sure they are smart enough to know that the definition of climate is THE WEATHER………climate and weather are synonyms, which means they mean the same thing.

    “Settled Science” from a group of folks who just now figured out that the weather changes……

    GOOGLE CLIMATE DEFINITION and stop posting foolishness on the internet.

  78. THE Intelligentsia says:

    This science is clear, if it’s hot it “Global Warming”, anything else (cold, rain, drought etc) is “Climate Change”.

  79. sammy4231 says:

    I see in the 3rd comment, someone thinks Leftists are inept and afraid to use guns. History shows that revolutionary French, Commie, and Fascist Leftists were all very adept at using them.
    More and more, I hear Alarmists calling for Deniers to be jailed. RFK Jr. was particularly toxic recently. These idiots don’t know that ‘jail’ is euphemistic.
    When they come for our free speech, they’re out for blood.

  80. THE Intelligentsia says:

    Climate Change clearly predicts higher highs, and lower lows, uh, would not that be unavoidable given 100 yrs of data? When Petan Manning throw 509 touchdowns he set a “higher high”. climate change did it.

  81. You can’t claim this is the coldest year on record by the percentage of sites at or greater than 90 degrees. You need to look at the average temperatures throughout the entire year. I am not a global warming believer with all the hysterically fudged numbers, but you are also cherry-picking.

  82. Weather seems to be the enemy of those wishing to employ cap and trade aka carbon credits. Since Barry and Al are neck deep in this scam I can see them declaring war at any moment.

  83. Dj says:

    Isn’t it interesting that the hottest years are also the years with the lowest industrial output worldwide.

  84. Ozzone says:

    Alarmists are very adept at fabricating a crisis and framing the narrative. Same tactic that liberals use.

    Fabricating a crisis – the earth is going to warm up, melt all the ice and flood coasts around the world. This make take multiple decades up to hundreds of years BUT we have to act now. People around the world must unite together to prevent this calamity. No longer are we a planet of individual nations but now a global community (globalist goal). We have a central authority (the U.N.) that should take charge of the situation and take the best approach (tax the world).

    Find something that man has control over as the cause (CO2). Disregard the fact that CO2 increases after temperatures go up and convince people the opposite happens (CO2 is the cause, not the result).

    However, some developing countries should be exempt from taxing (even the playing field) like India and China. Blame must be put on the rest (U.S. and Europe, etc.) and they should be punished (carbon tax).

    Framing the narrative – start with global warming. Manipulate the data models and lie about a study. From the Scientific American.

    “The point of contention is a peer-reviewed study published last year by Green, a chemistry professor at Michigan Technological University; John Cook, a research fellow at the Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland in Australia; and 10 other scientists who blog under the collective name of Skeptical Science. The scientists examined 4,014 abstracts on climate change and found 97.2 percent of the papers assumed humans play a role in global warming (ClimateWire, May 16, 2013).

    That statement quickly got boiled down in the popular media to a much simpler message: that 97 percent of scientists believe climate change is caused by humans. President Obama tweeted the 97 percent consensus. Comedian John Oliver did a segment on it that went viral on the Internet.”

    So a handful of academics/scientist blog a site (Skeptical Science – look it up) and found out of 4,000+ abstracts (basically a short summary leaving out the details) that 97.2 percent of the abstracts ASSUMED humans played a role in global warming. Notice it is not that 97.2 percent of scientists are in consensus. It’s the opinion of a handful of globalists that is used as a consensus but framed a different way.

    Notice nothing said about “climate change” but only “global warming”. More distortion of the facts. When it became obvious that their predictions on warming (and the hockey stick graph bites the dust) didn’t pan out (especially when they got caught revising older data records to make it appear that temperatures were going up), now we are steered to the new talking point – CLIMATE CHANGE.

    The politicians riding this train have found a way to blame everything, that includes warming and cooling on man-made climate change. You see, just the term climate change is now joined at the hip with man-made (even though it is often left out). Man is changing the climate. If it warms up, it’s man’s fault. If it cools down, it’s man’s fault. Man must atone for his sins.

    Now think again to yourself, why are people in positions of power pushing a fabricated crisis? It’s the real two reasons. Money and power. The proof? Look at their lifestyles. Look at their hypocrisy. That’s all the proof you need.

  85. carlb says:

    who wants to bet the un climate panel comes out with another record heat year?

  86. Science, is the study of information, aggregating that information into a ‘theory’. Ideally, it includes experiments that can be replicated, but many like evolution, the big bang, climate change have too broad an arena to perform experiments. The alternative is to create a ‘model’ using information available and examine it based on your ‘theory’ to see what results it predicts for the future.
    General Relativity recently made waves with the possible detection of gravity waves, Einstein’s final prediction of the theory. The Higgs Boson was predicted by quantum mechanics, and now scientists are measuring its mass to see how it impacts the theory. Initial attempts to observe the interaction of dark matter with regular particles are beginning, and of course, have lead to inconclusive results.
    Likewise ‘climate scientists’ proposed a theory of AGW, gathered diverse data, ‘massaged’ the data into the form required (for instance tree rings do not have a recorded temperature, it must be estimated). Then all this data was dumped into a model that forecasts future temperatures based on the theory and inputs. I notice that all the so called climate models have ridden off the rails by this 17 year ‘hiatus’ of global warming. I think about 58 theories have been forwarded to explain this pause. The take out from all of this is first, the science isn’t settled. Second, the models certainly can’t predict yearly variations, but for a ‘century from now’ model, twenty years and falling below the 95% lower confidence interval for the model says something with the theory is wrong.
    In any other ‘field’ of science, the scientists would go back to their base assumptions and see if changing them, or adding difference influences can account for the deviations. Einstein first had a ‘cosmological constant’ in General Relativity. He removed it, claiming it was the worst idea he had ever had. Now, many cosmologists think perhaps the constant should be put back. This doesn’t mean Einstein was wrong, it means the modern scientists are working on refinements to make it better. This is the feature sadly missing from climate science, and the political climate destroys the ability of scientists to explore this feature. Why? Because some politicians do not want to hear what the ‘revised’, ‘refined’ and ‘improved’ theory predicts.

  87. mickrussom says:

    The Jurassic period. O2 in atmosphere was 130% modern levels. CO2 was at 1950ppm, 5-7 times modern levels. The temperature was a whole 3 DEGREES C over modern times! Oh noes! The Jurassic DGW, Dinsaurogenic Global Warming, shows that those Dinosaurs with their Airplanes, SUV, Coal Fire Plants and Cars and stuff, you know, those Dinosaurs and their DGW destroyed THE WHOLE PLANET!! With their DGW! Look, who wants 26% atmospheric oxygen? More air to breathe? Who wants that! And who wants more CO2 @1950 ppm, you know, to make all those plants and trees convert that CO2 into a higher O2! Who wants that! And we DON’T want the massive biodiversity of the Jurassic, no, we don’t want more plants and animals and trees, no.

    Any time period the warmunists want to “prove” thre is AGW the warmunists just cherry pick ranges. And now I give the warmunists what the need on a silver platter – now they have the perfect example – the Dinosaurs and their horrible DGW ( Disnosauric Global Warming ) that destroyed the Jurassic… Wait, no, it didn’t, it was the best time for life on earth with 1950 ppm atmospheric CO2!

    Debt is Wealth. Ignorance is Strength. Freedom is Slavery. War is Peace. Cold is Warm.

  88. Robert says:

    Libs are having a bad time lately. Obama is thought to be the worse president in history, even surpassing Jimmy Carter for that honor. Congressional Dems’ disapproval hits 20-year high, black disappointment with Obama threatens party, GOP will retake the senate, and global warming has been proven a hoax. What do they now want to do? They want the FEC to regulate Drudge. Yea, shoot the messenger, that will solve their failed ideology.

  89. Panagiotaropoulos says:

    Globally we had the warmest September on record per NASA and NOOA,major corporations and the Pentagon are making contingency plans for a warming planet, soon we will have navigation around the North Pole but if US had a cool year that’s all we need to answer the question of climate change. After all the World Series involves just American teams. We are the World. If you live in Miami just get some snorkels.

    • You are an idiot

      • dcpetterson says:

        This blog entry provides no useful information about global climate change.

        1) The continental US is 2% of the Earth’s surface. You need to learn the difference between “local” and “global”.

        2) Notice the datapoints go up and down. So perhaps this year was cool. You need to learn the difference between “weather” and “climate”..

        3) The “average temperature” has no relationship whatever to the “number of stations hitting 90 degrees”. You need to learn the difference between “maximums” and :averages”.

        4) What is happening is that globally, the amount of heat energy in the Earth’s ecosystem is increasing. That alters weather patterns, changes growing seasons, pushes warmer and colder ares to different locations. It does not mean the whole world warms at the same rate. You need to learn something about physics and thermodynamics,.

        5) In general, you need to learn the difference between “statistics” and “propaganda”.

        • Yes, I hear from experts that the global climate is now determined by a few months of drought in California.

        • Latitude says:

          What is happening is that globally, the amount of heat energy in the Earth’s ecosystem is increasing…….

          …truly amazing, and at the same time, have absolutely no effect on temperature

        • scott mccall says:

          Hey captain planet, maybe you should learn the difference between typed sentences and copy/paste talking points. Also, learn the difference between reality and computer models. There is a difference. Thanks for sharing your point of view, its cliche and patronizing. We all laugh at the lack of hurricanes, the unpredicted cold whether, and everything else that plaid suit wearing weathermen who are out of work contrive to try to change our political and social systems.

          Copy/ past that lame prewritten load of crap that you posted as some kind of reply, and you don’t think someone would google it? Your a drone. You can’t see what is in front of your face or out the window. Climate change is wealth redistribution. People like you are just easily manipulated, mean spirited, and out to save the planet

        • Jason Robart says:

          You need to learn something about earth history. On THIS planet, what’s normal isn’t polar bears, it’s polar alligators. Discover the Eocene. The truth will set you free.

        • reelman1946 says:

          The earth will slowly FREEZE because earth is heated by the sun which SHRINKS (matter becomes energy)
          as it gives us life-giving light. (This fusion process IS “settled science”)

          The apostles of MMGW shredded “incovenient” data and democrat Gore refused questions
          after his many MMGW global rants…this tells all who know science…this is a huge HOAX.
          >>REAL science does not EVER shred data or refuse questions<> EARLIEST SNOWFALL ON RECORD IN SD……
          Sept2014>> Summer Snow Blankets Denver…
          Sept2014>> Antarctic sea ice reaches all-time record high…
          JUNE 23, 2014 DRUDGE REPORT…Scandal of fiddled global warming data…
          USA has actually been COOLING since 1930s, the hottest decade on record…
          AUGUST 30, 2014 DRUDGE REPORT
          PAPER: ‘Myth of arctic meltdown’…
          Satellite images show ice cap has GROWN…
          Gore predicted it would be ICE-FREE by now…
          October 5, 2014 DRUDGE REPORT
          ‘Where’s the global warming?’
          OCTOBER 2014….
          The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see – Ayn Rand
          *”The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those that speak it”….George Orwell (who wrote “1984”)

    • Rex says:

      That’s just a desperate lie.


      Democrats really ought to think through the names of their lies….maybe run them by a panel of 3rd graders….

  90. Sandy says:

    Clearly the result of global warming — or climate change, as the alleged phenomenon is now called.

  91. Reg Dunlop says:

    Global Warming. …..meh

  92. FAIRTV says:

    The Dems are left with Abortion, Global Warming, and Weak Defense. Who, in their right mind would vote Democrat?

  93. Rex says:

    When it comes to manmade global warming climate change climate disruption, the Democrats have lied at every turn…I guess when people figured out the definition of climate was THE WEATHER prevailing in an area , they figured the better come up with a new lie.

    Then they tried calling their lie “Climate Disruption”….that bombed, because WHO exactly is INTERUPTING the weather? That’s what disruption means by the way.

    So what will their scheme to tax people who have jobs be called next week?

    How can “the science be settled” when Socialist liars can’t even settle on what to call their lie?

  94. Matthew says:

    I’m curious about something… I was at a bar near JPL. I listened in on some JPL folk talking about a satellite (European I think) that was sent to measure deep sea temperatures and they were upset that it didn’t find any indication of heat being stored there — Atlantic or Pacific as far as I could hear. Apparently the readings are correct based on comparisons to underwater measurements. Has anyone heard about this?

  95. Stefan Ball says:

    Al Gore uses his own peculiar AlGoreithm to prove man made global warming.

  96. bw77 says:

    …with July 1934 as the hottest month on record. Cooling ever since

  97. mIKE says:

    Coolest year on record. That means we must sacrifice ourselves to the gods in the whitehouse.

  98. C. A. Weaver says:

    Lots of nifty charts out there. What is this one’s origin? Did I miss that?

  99. Paul Griggs says:

    Lousy statistical analysis…average temperature is much more persuasive…still, the global warming alarmists won’t like this

  100. Howard Lewis says:

    I told ya’ll last year and the year before that blowing up the Deepwater Horizon would destroy the Loop Current in The Gulf of Mexico and this would cause The Gulf Stream to slow down and not circulate warm water north to prohibit extreme cold along the East Coast and across to England. Halliburton, BP, and the lizards’ own Skull and Bones blew up the DWH. They thought they were pretty smart, Al ‘D’ Gore with his ‘D’ in Natural Science 102 and all. Guess what? They were all wrong again.

  101. Diggs says:

    The amount of ignorance here is astonishing. I won’t waste my time getting into it, but I will say that by the time you idiots figure it out it will be way too late.

  102. Rob says:

    Now according to the al gore nuts they are going to say we are in GLOBAL COOLING and we are all going top freeze to death like they did in the 70’s HOW are we going to make it OH MY God how we are all going to die. That will be the mantra from the NUTS now. Get ready and get your ear plugs in they are going to say this chart is nothing but a lie lol What a joke they all are. Everything they do has been proven WRONG.

  103. Forest for the Trees says:

    Big climate picture. Check out global temps. Local variations not a good measure of global changes. That being said, there are many factors that influence climate, including sunspots, the earth’s wobble in orbit, CO2 levels, volcanoes, oceans, and others. It is difficult to model this accurately. Global empirical data is the best way to determine trends. Also, it’s best to separate science from politics (i.e., objectivity vs. subjectivity).

    Earth is on pace to tie or even break the mark for the hottest year on record, U.S. meteorologists say.

    That’s because global heat records have kept falling in 2014, with September the latest example.

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Monday that last month the globe averaged 60.3 degrees Fahrenheit (15.7 degrees Celsius). That was the hottest September in 135 years of record keeping.

    It was the fourth monthly record set this year, along with May, June and August.

    NASA, which measures temperatures slightly differently, had already determined that September was record-warm.

    The first nine months of 2014 have a global average temperature of 58.72 degrees (14.7 degrees Celsius), tying with 1998 for the warmest first nine months on record, according to NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center.

    “It’s pretty likely” that 2014 will break the record for hottest year, said NOAA climate scientist Jessica Blunden.

  104. Defiant says:

    We already know Global Warming is a total hoax…this is just wasted effort, because the Libs will never understand…

  105. Blue Spidr P says:

    If the U.S. is having its coolest year, that means nothing in itself.
    There are other countries in the world and obviously a whole world outside of the U.S.

    What’s happening globally is what we need to look at. What’s (conveniently?) not mentioned on this “science” site is that globally, 2014 will be equal to or hotter than any other year on record.

  106. thrushjz says:

    Global warming causes largest Ice expansion in Antartica in decades…news at ten, no wait, never mind…

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