Michigan Obliterates Their Record For Cold Nights

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6 Responses to Michigan Obliterates Their Record For Cold Nights

  1. It’s just thin first year cold.

  2. My water meter in the garage froze last February (2014) and it cost me $300 for a new one — first time that’s happened since moving into my house in 1987 (in Detroit suburbs)
    Record snowfall last winter in the Detroit metropolitan area.
    Great Lakes percentage frozen set 40 year record last February (2014).
    I just bought a heated mattress pad to survive the coming winter in comfort without setting new records for my natural gas usage again this winter!
    I don’t need no stinkin’ PhD with a computer to tell me if it’s getting colder or warmer — it’s getting colder now — and I’m really worried about a coming ice age, with Michigan under one or two miles of ice again … because I don’t know how to ice skate!

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