Ending Homelessness

“The Affordable Care Act’s requirement that certain individuals pay a financial penalty for not obtaining health insurance may reasonably be characterized as a tax,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote for the court’s majority in the opinion.

Supreme Court upholds centerpiece of Obama healthcare law | Reuters

Obama has solved the health insurance crisis by forcing everyone to buy health insurance. The next logical step is to force homeless people to purchase a house. This would end the problem of homelessness, and be a big boost to the sagging sub-prime loan industry.

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  1. Andy DC says:

    What is the ruling on Obamacare? I had supposed inside information that Sotomayor was voting against it. If that is true, it must have been struck down.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Sorry, it was apparently upheld mostly intact. My info on Sotomayor must have been bogus.

  3. mkelly says:

    A truly sad day for liberty in America.

  4. dmmcmah says:

    Great call! Federal power is now unlimited to solve any problem.

  5. Andy DC says:

    Off topic, but there is a lot of talk about drought in the Corn Belt, as corn futures have recently skyrocketed. There has been very little rain in the Midwest the last month or so. I imagine the alarmists are going bonkers. If there is a major reduction in the corn crop (the last big reduction was 1988) and food prices soar, I imagine global warming might end up being a Presidential campaign issue.

    Droughts in the Cornbelt are inevitable. We had major drought related moves in the corn market during 1988, 1983, 1974, 1947 and most years from 1930 thru 1936. The reason why we didn’t have them in the 1950’s and 1960’s is because we maintained very large grain reserves during the Cold War. But since none have happened in 24 years, the word “record” or “unprecedented” will be used a lot by alarmists.

    This is a lot like the tornado situation last year. We had wonderful fortune to not have a 100 fatality tornado for 50 years, though there had been many in the past. The alarmists went ballistic when the law of averages caught up and we finally had one.

    Same with drought in the Cornbelt. They have happened many times in the past, but we have been very fortunate not to have one recently. When one inevitably takes place you can expect the same moaning and whaling from the usual bedwetters.

    • Kaboom says:

      A poor corn harvest would be a good time to break the neck of those corn based “bio-fuel” subsidies by pointing out how they drive up food prices and affect the hungry in countries where export volumes suffer.

  6. Andy DC says:

    Sorry, wrong use of “whaling” should be “wailing”. Whaling is to go searching for Moby Dick.

  7. NoMoreGore says:

    Pelosicare is a Trojan horse for single payer, and the destruction of all Private enterprise in the Health Insurance sector.

    As I understand it (and hear advertized on radio) zero deductible plans with full coverage are REQUIRED. So, businesses like Whole Foods, who use Health Savings Accounts in conjunction with a cheap, high deductible policy, will be outlawed. Employers will then be forced to either buy a plan costing 18-24K per employee, or paying a tiny $2000 -$3000 fine and dumping their employees in the federal bucket. (A list of Union “friends” of the Democrats have received waivers, but we can only guess how long this will last)

    What would YOU do? If you’re like me, an independent who buys their own plan, is it easier to pay 2.5% of income to be in the federal plan? I believe it was $2500 (per 100k income) vs 18-24K?

    AND, individuals will only pay this $2500 for this elaborate coverage IF their Adjusted Gross Income is 100k. Half of all taxpayers make only 30K/yr.

    So, this plan is also designed to be FANTASTICALLY underfunded. It offers to provide a service which actually requires $20K or so in premiums for mere hundreds of dollars. Now, if my assertion is wrong, you’ll be happy to know that section 163 of this evil law allows the Fed direct access to your checking account so they can confiscate the cost of the BLOATED plan they invented. The losses of this plan, of course, will be borrowed, or Printed, take your pick…. accelerating the sprint to unsustainable debt, collapse of the dollar, hyper inflation, and civil war.

    It’s a formula for destruction of the country.

    Tim Cahill (D turned I) is the Treasurer of MA, and very familiar with how this law will destroy the economy. He says it will only take a few years for Pelosicare to destroy the US economy.


  8. kirkmyers says:

    The black-robed Nazgul have struck again. When it comes to blowing holes in the U.S. Constitution they have no equal.

    I can’t wait to see the Feds try to enforce this draconian mandate. Armed, law-abiding citizens will rebel against this madness in a big way. Which agency is going to collect the fines from the thousands of angry people who refuse to buy insurance? The IRS? Good luck.

  9. Paul in Sweden says:

    OT, but you did use homelessness in your example…

    We have to remember the mentality of the people that we are dealing with on these issues. This is one of the recent programs for the homeless:

    San Francisco will be giving a homeless person a homeless pup from the pound. The transient won’t get the pick of the litter, but a “problematic” dog. Since California is overflowing with money, the city will generously throw in a stipend to care for the pet. Given that many shelters and residential hotels won’t allow pets, where will they sleep? And if it’s on the streets, who will clean up all of the extra poo and piddle? What could possibly go wrong here?

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