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US Following Argentina’s Lead

Check out this typical government doublespeak below. Argentina Minister Sees Fewer Gas Cuts To Industry This Winter For years, Argentina has rationed gas to industrial companies in the Southern Hemisphere’s cold winter months to ensure residential users have enough to … Continue reading

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Lukewarm This …..

Hansen decided a few months ago that the people of Iceland were too stupid to read thermometers, and took it upon himself to go back in time and produce the correct temperatures there. That inconvenient warmest decade of the 1930s had to be eliminated, … Continue reading

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1933 : Hottest June On Record In The US

http://news.google.com/newspapers Temperatures in the center of the country were twelve degrees above normal, and CO2 was a very safe 310 ppm at the time docs.lib.noaa.gov/rescue/mwr/061/mwr-061-06-c1.pdf No doubt the weather was lovely though outside the US. http://news.google.com/newspapers http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/16978063? http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/36461163

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Faster Than The Speed Of Motionless

@oakden_wolf: @ClimateDepot It ain’t the absolute temperatures, it’s the speed of change that’s the most dangerous,moron. Shared via TweetCaster I wonder if Oakden always signs his tweets with “moron” ? Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs h/t to Marc Morano

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I Survived 25 Degrees Of Climate Change – In Three Hours!

Joe Romm tells us that natural gas will make the planet unlivable. No doubt we would all be much happier freezing and starving in the dark, but I can personally attest to having survived climate change much greater than even the most … Continue reading

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May Arctic Ice Extent Higher Than 1989

n_plot.png (420×240)

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The Joy Of Satellites

NSIDC claims that the modern satellite record began in 1979. This is a pretty marginal claim, given that we have accurate satellite data going back a decade earlier. But 1979 is a very convenient year for them – because it … Continue reading

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5,000,000 Green Jobs From The Fraudster In Chief

h/t to Dave G

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Obama Brags About His Unemployment Record With A Fraudulent Graph

The real story of unemployment is that when Barry, Nancy and Harry took over Washington in 2007, the economy tanked. Democrats win House, promise new direction POSTED: 6:05 p.m. EST, November 8, 2006 (CNN) — Democrats promised Wednesday to lead the country … Continue reading

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Is CO2 Making Louisiana Sink?

NOAA shows sea level in Louisiana rising at almost one metre per century – the fastest rate on the planet. Sea Levels Online – Mean Sea Level Trend Can we save Louisiana by moving back into caves? Probably not. The graph below shows the … Continue reading

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