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Lukewarmers : All Versions Are Good

Our lukewarmist friends insist that Hansen’s data is good, and that I just don’t understand it. This is remarkable statement, given that Hansen radically changes the data all the time. Apparently both versions are completely accurate. Iceland is a schizo kind of place – unlike … Continue reading

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Worse Than We Thought

I extracted the GISS Northern Hemisphere graph which wooltwat wanted to see. The graph above overlays GISS NH on the National Academy of Sciences 1975 graph, normalized to zero. (Note that there is some non-linearity in the Y-axes of both graphs. I … Continue reading

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New Scientist : Herbivores Can’t Survive A Warm Climate

Climate change will create a toxic brew for herbivores A WARMER world might be a poisoned one. A compilation of studies suggests that as temperatures rise, herbivorous mammals will suffer greater effects from the toxins they eat, with animals living … Continue reading

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Three Months Of Terrifying Normalcy In Arctic ice

Since March 1, Arctic ice extent has been within one standard deviation of normal, on its way to an ice-free state this summer. ssmi1_ice_ext.png (1667×1250)

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Mathematically Challenged Lukewarmers

Comment from from Judith Curry’s blog. lolwot | May 25, 2012 at 4:02 am The first two graphs Steven Goddard compares are a graph of Northern Hemisphere Temperatures with A graph of 90N-23.6N temperatures. What’s that? Not the same thing is it. … Continue reading

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