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More Heavy Rain In The Burn Area

Current Cheyenne NEXRAD Radar Map | Weather Underground Statement as of 3:18 PM MDT on June 28, 2012 The National Weather Service in Denver has issued a * Flash Flood Warning for… central Larimer County in north central Colorado * until … Continue reading

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Worst Fire In Colorado History?

This picture was taken yesterday at ground zero of the High Park Fire west of Fort Collins, which the governor recently described as being the worst fire in Colorado history. No more smoke, no more flames – most of the … Continue reading

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Solving The Climate Crisis

If everyone in America was forced to purchase a Chevy Volt, we could end hurricanes, tornadoes, hot weather, cold weather, floods and drought.

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When A Tax Which Is Not A Tax Is A Tax

Obama promised that he wouldn’t raise taxes on anyone below $250K income. Then he argued that Obamacare was constitutional, because it was a tax on everyone. This was after he said that Obamacare was not a tax. FLASHBACK: Obama says … Continue reading

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Ending Homelessness

“The Affordable Care Act’s requirement that certain individuals pay a financial penalty for not obtaining health insurance may reasonably be characterized as a tax,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote for the court’s majority in the opinion. Supreme Court upholds centerpiece … Continue reading

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Massive 1898 Fire In Colorado

The Democratic governor of Colorado has been running around today telling people that the fires this year are the worst in the state’s history. Apparently he doesn’t know much about the state’s history. The 1898 fires were much larger than … Continue reading

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No Sea Level Rise In La Jolla, California Since 1871

Experts tell us that sea level will rise a foot in California over the next twenty years, despite the fact that sea level hasn’t changed for 140 years. The animation below transitions from La Jolla, 1871 – to a recent … Continue reading

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Below Average Fire Season So Far

the number of fires and acreage burned nationwide is still below the 10-year average for this time of year, according to fire agency records. WAMC: Colorado wildfire intensifies, consumes 15,000 acres (2012-06-27) h/t to Marc Morano and Tom Nelson

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If It Looks Like Racketeering And It Walks Like Racketeering …

It is simply not a plausible coincidence that we have been hit with one wildly exaggerated study after another in recent months, and in particular all the sea level fraud of late. The Federal Court today demonstrated the effectiveness of the billions of … Continue reading

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Obama Takes Away Fire Fighting Resources – Then Tries To Score Political Points

Obama canceled a key firefighting equipment contract, and is now coming out for a photo op with the people he screwed.  Last year, in the middle of the fire season, while Rick Perry was still campaigning, the Forest Service simply … Continue reading

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