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Past The Tipping Point Of Sanity

The tiny change in CO2 shown in the red circle at lower right, is what Hansen believes has pushed the planet past an irreversible tipping point. http://www.geocraft.com/WVFossils/Carboniferous_climate.html

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Greenland Farming Update

With perhaps 10-12 weeks remaining in the growing season, the corn crop is really busting out in Kulusuk at 1.8C. Weather Webcams | Weather Underground

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Hansen 2003 : Soot Twice As Effective As CO2

Soot climate forcing via snow and ice albedos  James Hansen*  †‡  and Larissa Nazarenko*  † Plausible estimates for the effect of soot on snow and ice albedos (1.5% in the Arctic and 3% in Northern Hemisphere land areas) yield a climate forcing … Continue reading

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Hansen Covering All Of His Bases

WUWT is featuring an old article by Hansen blaming global warming on methane instead of CO2. Hansen has talked on both sides of many issues, including once blaming Arctic warming primarily on soot. The bottom line is that Hansen has succeeded in destroying the coal-fired … Continue reading

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The Annual June 2 Deer Drama

On June 2, last year, I was riding my bike along the flooded Poudre River and found a doe and newborn fawn stranded on an island. They were later rescued by the fire department. Last night I was riding my … Continue reading

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One Year Ago Today : AP Said That Obama Has Improved The Economy

Mitt Romney miscasts economy in GOP debut – BostonHerald.com

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Does Ice Melt At -30C?

Our hysterical anti-science friends claim that Arctic warming and melting caused the decline in multi-year Arctic ice, which was occurring prior to 2008. This is complete nonsense. Most of the old ice was lost during the winters from 1988 to … Continue reading

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Anti-Science Warmists Believe That Earth Is 5,000 Years Old

Warming gas levels hit ‘troubling milestone’ Posted: June 1, 2012 – 4:06pm By SETH BORENSTEIN Before the Industrial Age, levels were around 275 parts per million. Warming gas levels hit ‘troubling milestone’ Life evolved on Earth with CO2 levels much higher … Continue reading

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Hansen’s 2009 Super El Nino Forecast

SST_table.gif (587×507)

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NASA’s Amateur Hack Vs. The Professionals

Hansen forecasts a strong El Nino almost every year, because he is desperate to get GISS above zero emissions scenario C. Check out his spectacularly failed ENSO forecast from July, 2011. ESSIC had it almost perfect, while Hansen had it inverted. Summary … Continue reading

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