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CU – Sea Level Rise Has Dropped In Half Since 2005

sealevel.colorado.edu/files/2012_rel2/sl_ns_global.txt From 1992 through 2004, sea level rose at 3.55 mm/year, according to the University of Colorado. From 2005 to 2012, the same data set shows 1.81 mm/year. If sea level continues to rise at the current rate, we will … Continue reading

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The 1930s Was Much Hotter In The Midwest

U.S. Historical Climatology Network The graph above plots all thirty days when Omaha, Nebraska has hit 110F.  Twenty two of those days occurred during the 1930s, and all occurred below 350 ppm. Hansen claimed that last summer’s heat in Oklahoma … Continue reading

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Smoking Gun That The NRC Sea Level Report Is Garbage

Yesterday the National Research Council told us that sea level was rising very quickly in California, and would rise one foot over the next twenty years. Sea level to rise higher in California due to global warming, geology As the world continues to … Continue reading

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Meltdown At The North Pole

The sun has passed its peak elevation at the North Pole, and is beginning its descent towards winter. Temperatures have been running below normal, and no evidence of melting has occurred so far this summer. 8.jpg (1024×576) PAWS Buoy Recent … Continue reading

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Joe Bastardi Challenges Jeff Master’s Claims About Sunspots

Guest post by Joe Bastardi —– A rebuttal to  Weather Underground statement “In the last 35 years of global warming, sun and climate have been going in opposite directions.” First of all, Dr Jeff Masters, as a PHD in METEOROLOGY   … Continue reading

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June 2012 – Leading Alarmists Declare That Global Warming Is Over

Leading alarmist John Cook told us this week that temperatures have been nearly flat for 15 years,  are below Hansen’s zero emissions scenario, and that it is because we have already cut our emissions of the most potent greenhouse gases … Continue reading

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Finally, We Are Getting Some Respect Here In Colorado

During all those cold snowy springs we had in Colorado since 2006, when I was freezing my butt off coaching soccer in snowstorms and the rivers were flooding  every June – they told us that we were only 0.01% of … Continue reading

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Early Tee Times Going Fast On The Greenland Ice Sheet

The next two weeks are the hottest weeks of the year on the Greenland Ice Sheet, and temperatures are blazing at -17C. Experts at the National Academy of Sciences say that all this melting will cause a foot of sea … Continue reading

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Hot Lead In Colorado

The National Park Service has placed a ban on shooting in Pawnee National Grasslands, based on the idea that bullets could start a fire. I have yet to see lead or steel shot spontaneously combust, but the Obama administration knows better. In 1978, … Continue reading

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McKibben Whining About The Heat In Colorado

Today has been the hottest day of the year here in Fort Collins. The official high was 99.5 On June 23, 1954 the official high temperature was 102 degrees. It was 2.5 degrees hotter when CO2 was 320 PPM. June, … Continue reading

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