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1910 : “American Woods Blazing”

The Great Fire of 1910 was a wildfire which burned about three million acres (12,000 km², approximately the size of Connecticut) in northeast Washington, northern Idaho (the panhandle), and western Montana Great Fire of 1910 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia … Continue reading

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More Lovely Summer Weather Coming To Greenland

Twenty-four hours of sunlight is really hotting the place up. Weather Forecast Summit, Greenland | Summit Weather | Wunderground

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The Clinton/Gore Effect

When Hillary or Al travel on a global warming fact finding trip, they are inevitably met with record cold. Al nearly froze his chakras off in Antarctica a few months ago. The important thing is that the alternative narrative is written before … Continue reading

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The 1935 Arctic Trip In Perspective

The map below shows the “2007 record low” Arctic ice extent, and the red dot indicates where a Russian boat sailed to in 1935 – in ice-free water. Apparently there was less ice in the Eastern Arctic in 1935 than there was … Continue reading

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Hillary Caught Lying Again

Last spring, Hillary traveled to Nuuk Greenland during near record cold – and reported back about Arctic melting. She pulled the same trick again this weekend in Norway. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took a first hand look Saturday at the way … Continue reading

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