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More On The Oklahoma Big Lie Of 2011

I did some more math to check the claims that last July in Oklahoma was the hottest month in US history. The BS is worse than it seems. Meeker Oklahoma USHCN Temperatures Month Year Average Max Mean Average Min August … Continue reading

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In 1748 : Every Mountain Range Burned

Interesting story in the NYT explaining how fire suppression has caused big forest fires. Using data from tree ring studies, scientists have reconstructed a history of fires in the Southwest. The wildfires of the past were frequent and massive, but they … Continue reading

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Shock News : Man Made CO2 May Delay The Next Ice Age

Do these geniuses ever stop and think about what they are complaining about? Ice Age Research JANUARY 10, 2012 High levels of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere mean the next ice age is unlikely to begin for at least 1,500 years, … Continue reading

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Greenland Farming Update

With only eight weeks left until harvest, the corn crop along the coast is going crazy  in the 5 degree heat. Weather Webcams | Weather Underground

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Monbiot : Stuck On Bambi

Some people will respond by giving up, or at least withdrawing from political action. Why, they will ask, should we bother, if the inevitable destination is the loss of so much of what we hold dear: the forests, the brooks, … Continue reading

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Phil Jones Coldest Month Ever – Based On Nothing

Phil Jones lists August, 1865 as the coldest month ever in the Southern Hemisphere. The map below shows all of the land data he had that month. Jones had less than two dozen land based thermometers in the Southern Hemisphere and many … Continue reading

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Sea Level Quiz

If the Arctic Ocean warmed up 2 degrees, would sea level rise or fall?

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The Oklahoma Big Lie Of 2011

Oklahoma July Hottest Month Ever Recorded in U.S. Last week, we gloated that, although Tulsa and OKC made the cut as two of the five hottest cities in the U.S., Lubbock, TX had the dubious honor of being awarded Very … Continue reading

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Discovery Channel Vision Impaired

Will Arctic Sea Ice Reach Record Low This Year? : Discovery News What are these geniuses talking about? A week after the article was written, the Arctic Basin is still almost entirely frozen over. arctic.io – Arctic Terra – (2012/177)

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Rapid Ice Sheet Melting Is Impossible

There are two ice sheets on Earth – Greenland and Antarctica. Both are located at high latitudes and and high altitudes. Temperatures are too cold over the vast majority of the ice sheets to ever melt. Alarmists have made a big stink … Continue reading

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