Arctic Albedo At The Solstice

The Sun has reached its peak elevation for the year in the Arctic, and is about to start its descent towards winter. Experts tell us that albedo loss in the Arctic is dramatically warming the climate, but I am having a tough time seeing it. Everything looks white – just like it always does. – Arctic Terra – (2012/171)

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  1. Tomwys says:

    There’s a lag in Arctic melt, with maximum melt and maximum open Arctic happening in September. The extraordinary cold of last winter thickened the ice somewhat so we will likely have about 38% open in September this year vs 40% last year. NEXT year, however, will possibly be a new record with 42+% open water by September. The very thick (3 meter thick) multiyear ice has virtually disappeared from the central Arctic Ocean and it is not returning within anyone’s lifetime!

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    The Theory’s Got Issues
    “Everything looks white – just like it always does.” Yes, more or less, it’s pretty much in practical terms just the same as its ever been. The prophets of doom will nitpick you on ice levels until the cows come home. But we’ve had no sea level rise, so there hasn’t been any significant land ice melt of any kind. Again, though, we should have had melt because we are coming out of Little Ice Age. So AGW theory has got a problem here, and everywhere else.
    Yes, everywhere else the theory comes up wanting. The hockey stick has been shown to be bullshit, bull-hockey: a fabrication of an artful agenda-driven bs artist. So, there’s nothing out of the ordinary about current temps. So, there’s nothing wrong with the climate. And the ipcc’s foundational claim of a causal correlation between temps and CO2 has been indisputably repudiated; see algor repeat the false ipcc claim here:

  3. jak says:

    Wow, Steve, you have really bad eyesight. (maybe should have listened to the warnings in Sunday school)

    Does this make it any easier…

    On the date of those images, in 1979 there was 10.62 Million km squared of sea ice area.

    This year there was 7.79.

    Over 25% missing.

    If you can’t see the difference, please say so.

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