Global Warming Turned Bill McKibben Into A Newt

A hard-hitting campaign from a new group called Forecast the Facts persuaded many of the corporations backing Heartland to withdraw US $825,000 in funding;

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That $825,000 is almost as much as the University of Colorado received to study the effects of global warming on Prairie Dogs, in a place which hasn’t recorded any warming for 70 years.

But damn, it’s a hard fight, up against a ton of money and a ton of inertia. Eventually, climate denial will “lose”, because physics and chemistry are not intimidated even by Lord Monckton. But timing is everything – if he and his ilk, a crew of certified planet wreckers, delay action past the point where it can do much good, they’ll be able to claim one of the epic victories in political history – one that will last for geological epochs.

Earth to Bill – the graph below shows recent temperature and CO2 changes on a geological timescale. McKibben has absolutely no idea what he is talking about, which is why he is welcomed on so many University campuses.

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2 Responses to Global Warming Turned Bill McKibben Into A Newt

  1. Thank you for your efforts to give the public reliable information.

    Regretfully, there are strong indications that this important ingredient for our form of constitutional government has been slowly slipping away since Hiroshima was vaporized on 6 Aug 1945 by the sudden release of energy from the cores of uranium atoms.

    World leaders were guided by the instinct of survival to save themselves and society from nuclear destruction by:

    a.) Establishing the United Nations on 24 Oct 1945
    b.) Promoting misinformation on energy from the core of the Sun in 1946

    Falsification of science that began in 1946:

    1. Destroyed scientific advances from four centuries past (1946-1543 = 403 yrs)

    2. Developed out-of-sight, like a cancerous growth, on federal science programs until finally revealed in Climategate emails and documents in Nov 2009.

    3. Continued to deceive the public for sixty-six years (2012-1946 = 66 yrs), although CSPAN news had recorded evidence of NASA hiding data from the Galileo probe of Jupiter in 1998!

    Here’s documentation of dishonest science that started in 1946 and advanced a fascist Orwellian society in order to avoid the danger of nuclear war.

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  2. rw says:

    FTF should get the Jesse Jackson Shakedown award for this year. At the very least they’re strong contenders.

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