Polar Ice Passes Its Physical – With Flying Colors

The graph below overlays NSIDC Arctic and Antarctic ice at the same scale. What becomes immediately obvious is that the Earth’s polar ice caps are stable.

During February, Antarctic ice was slightly above two standard deviations, and Arctic ice was slightly below two standard deviations. Since then, both poles have remained very close to the 1979-2000 mean.

Polar experts have tried to blame the growth in Antarctic ice on man-made ozone, but the record shows very clearly that Arctic and Antarctic anomaly trends move opposite each other. Why are climate experts so averse to actually doing science?

From the first IPCC report – the graphs NSIDC doesn’t want you to see or think about. Prior to 1979, Arctic ice was increasing and Antarctic ice was decreasing.

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  1. The number of animals which require “healthy” sea-ice to survive might exceed one.

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