One Day Of Hot Weather Proves Global Warming

It is all over the press today – temperatures in New Jersey are almost as hot as 1936. Last winter’s heavy snows also proved global warming, as did earlier years where there wasn’t much snow. The cold and record snow in the northwest proves global warming. The 2003 heatwave in Europe proved global warming, as have the cold summers since. The record cold summer in the midwest two years ago proved global warming.

Everything proves global warming.

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8 Responses to One Day Of Hot Weather Proves Global Warming

  1. Brian G Valentine says:

    Greenies who wasted millions of dollars on wind mills that did nothing in stagnant air and contributed no electricity for air conditioners

    HA HA HA

    Burn, baby, Burn!!!

    • iheartagw says:

      Absolutely right. I am in southwest Minnesota right now and at least half the wind turbines are off. And there are dozens of them along I-90.

  2. Blade says:

    Beam me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life down here.

  3. Dave G says:

    CBS announced this am, we’ve reached the “BOILING POINT” I couldn’t find any 212 degree temps

  4. Gator says:

    You forgot to mention that adding 3mm per year to sea levels also proves global warming, or something.

  5. Colin Henderson says:

    There is a heat wave in Ontario, Canada – very hot and sunny. It is also unusually cold and cloudy in British Columbia; what more proof of man made global warming do you need?

  6. Wellington says:

    If like me you ever did something as stupid as arguing with a Marxist you know the pattern. Every event is explained by the doctrine. Every event proves the doctrine.

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