Republicans Call For $1 Trillion In New Taxes

They must hoping to get unemployment up to 15% before the election.

President Barack Obama and a startling number of Republican senators lauded a bipartisan deficit-reduction plan Tuesday that includes $1 trillion in higher taxes, raising hopes of a last-minute compromise to repair the nation’s finances while averting a government default. Wall Street saluted as well.

Obama said he hoped congressional leaders would “start talking turkey” as soon as Wednesday along the lines of the Senate “Gang of Six” proposal, which quickly overshadowed a no-tax-increase alternative that conservatives spent Tuesday pushing toward an evening vote in the House.

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6 Responses to Republicans Call For $1 Trillion In New Taxes

  1. gator69 says:

    As long as it is a tax on foreign aid and welfare, I have no issue.

  2. GregO says:

    WTF are these people spending all than money on?

  3. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    So much for “not one dime”.

  4. Jim Cole says:

    This is completely “Stuck on Stupid”

    Where is the adult supervision? Some “folks” need a good spanking and no dinner. Go to bed

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