Global Warming Causes More Poison Ivy

For climate alarmists, one point determines a trend. The fact that there is poison ivy is proof of global warming.

“More rain, less snow. More severe storms and flooding. More heat waves. Worse air quality. More severe asthma and allergies. New pests, more poison ivy.”

More than when? Less than when? They never show any evidence of a trend.  New England had record snow last winter.

The yard has poison ivy. The woman next door looks like a witch. Therefore witches cause poison ivy. Burn her.

These are the same religious nuts from the 18th century.

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3 Responses to Global Warming Causes More Poison Ivy

  1. Brian G Valentine says:

    “Burning” her doesn’t work. You need to DROWN her.

    Don’t you know how to apply the scientific method?

  2. Well, now: objectively, increased CO2 partial pressure should cause increased poison ivy, even if temperatures remain stable. & poison ivy is exceptionally competitive. It does prefer slightly wet, shady conditions, though, so drought wouldn’t help poison ivy at all.

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