Can The UK Survive The Summer Without Massive New Carbon Taxes?

Huhne wanted to make the UK green, but all he got was white.


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4 Responses to Can The UK Survive The Summer Without Massive New Carbon Taxes?

  1. Latitude says:

    Life was so much simpler when all you had to do was kill a chicken….
    ….or throw a virgin in the fire

  2. Andy WeissDC says:

    Very cool UK photo in more ways than one.

  3. John Marshall says:

    To listen to Huhne explain that wind will ‘cut the mustard’ belies the fact that his own Department has just produced a paper stating that recent weather has had an increase of high pressure systems so reducing the wind power produced despite an increased number of turbines. His answer- more of the same. Electricity producers in the UK have asked Huhne for permission to install more gas powered stations to act as backup to the wind. So these gas stations will be producing CO2, but not electricity, to back up wind deficencies in times of high pressure weather.

    It would be cheaper to just builds the gas stations and use on their reliable 24/7 production. We also have shalegas which is on hold at the moment whilst earthquake fears are laid to rest. Fracking does cause level 1 quakes but that is like a big truck passing 50 yards away and hardly likely to bring down buildings.

    Huhne has had a Damacsus moment in that he wants, thankfully, nuclear as part of the power mix, but these are at least 10 years away, if the locals do not object which 10-1 they will.

    Huhne also wants us all to have solar photovoltaic cells on our roofs. The Solar Energy pressure group say that they pay for themselves in 25 years. Unfortunately they only last 20 years if serviced and not subject to a fall of hail which would destroy them. Considering the incoming power is maximum 300w/sq m at the surface and they are 9% efficient you do need a lot of panels to generate 1kw. Newer panels are 20% efficient but 10 times the cost. So 37 per kw for the low/cheaper panels or 17 for the expensive panels. Not a very good prospect.

    Huhne has allowed religious fervor overcome his common sense.

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