Romm : New Mexico Facing Brutal Heat And Permanent Dust Bowl

Last week, Aztec, New Mexico was -34F (-37C.) Brutal heat.

And precipitation in New Mexico has been increasing over the last 115 years..

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3 Responses to Romm : New Mexico Facing Brutal Heat And Permanent Dust Bowl

  1. Russell C says:

    I lived in New Mexico for 30 years before departing to Phoenix’s Valley of the Fierce Sun in 1994. When I returned for a visit to my mountain home east of Albuquerque a few years later, I was stunned to see arroyos flowing with constant spring-fed water where they hadn’t flowed like that during my entire life there. On other occasions when looking at recent photos of the area or watching a PBS video of a skunk-rescuer living there, the difference in the now-green grass compared to all the dryness I saw made me jealous.

    Sure, they had their bark beetle problems for a while lately, but is that an AGW symptom? Probably not. And also, where were the cries of concern about the dustbowl-style incursions of dust from the eastern side of the state during the early ’50s? My parents had photos of that situation, it looked terrible.

  2. Layne Blanchard says:

    It is stories like this that make me want to call the NM Governor and BEG to come work for her.

    Sadly, I live in the NW, home of the green church.

  3. PhilJourdan says:

    They just cannot get over their own inadequacies. I guess since they have nothing to be proud of – they have to use inflammatory terms to denigrate those with more gray cells then they have.

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