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China Makes Blue CO2, US Makes Red, EU Makes Little Pink Smiley Bubbles


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83% of Brits view global warming as a current or imminent threat


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Romm : Chamber Of Commerce Plans To Destroy The Climate

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Romm : CO2 Affecting Children’s Health

Kissing is deadly for warmists. All that CO2 exchange can be lethal..    

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Missing Arctic Ice Causes Warm Dry Cold Wet Winters

There is more Arctic ice now than in 2006, which had a very warm December and January. We are told by leading climate experts that less ice means more cold, so we can logically infer that less ice brings warmcold, … Continue reading

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Global Warming Causes Flight Delays

Now I understand why it took 30 hours to get back from Lisbon….. Climate change is real. The surprising snowfall that covered several states in Australia last December and the ensuing floods that struck Brisbane have awakened not only most … Continue reading

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Arctic Cold Now Caused By Heat

During the 1970s, Arctic cold fronts were caused by very cold air in the Arctic – but the present (nearly identical) cold fronts are now caused by very warm air in the Arctic. For the second straight year the Northern … Continue reading

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Puffington Host : CO2 Reduction Will Secure The Mexico Border

Of all the issues Barack Obama will address during the next two years, none is more important to his legacy than global climate change. Michael Oppenheimer of Princeton estimates that, depending on the severity of climate disruption, as many as … Continue reading

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Holdren : Skeptics Are Too Stupid To realize That It Is Actually Hot

It may be minus twenty-eight celsius here tomorrow morning, but John Holdren wants me to know that the world is heating up and that I am just too stupid to understand. President Obama’s top science adviser said there’s a need … Continue reading

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Global Warming To Destroy Planet – Peak Oil Is Even Worse


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