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Romm/Cook Prosecute Themselves

Romm is featuring this graph from “Evangelical Christian” John Cook. Note that temperatures rose as fast from 1910 to 1940 as they did from 1970 to 2000. This is solid evidence that the warming is not due to CO2, which … Continue reading

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“this news may come as a surprise to some”

2010 one of the hottest on record http://www.abc.net.au/am/content/2011/s3117917.htm The United Nations is full of surprises. h/t to Marc Morano

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Deep Stupid In The Arctic

Our friends believe that the Arctic looks like the picture below, dated January 17. The ice is melting, temperatures are above freezing. Commercial ships are happily sailing from Europe to Asia, occasionally dodging a small ice cube. http://www.csmonitor.com/ Somehow though, … Continue reading

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Puffington Host : Clean Air Act Is Not Appropriate For Regulating CO2

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/gary-liberson/clean-air-act-wrong-for-f_b_808553.html Simple solution to the non-problem. Stop pretending the climate models are anything other than academic toys.

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Washington And Beijing Worried About The Earth Heating Up

WASHINGTON, DC, January 19, 2011 (ENS) – Presidents Barack Obama and Hu Jintao of China, who is in Washington on an official state visit, said in a joint statement this afternoon that they “view climate change and energy security as … Continue reading

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Challenging Cycling Conditions

We had a Chinook earlier in the week which melted all the ice off the roads. This was followed by a cold front yesterday afternoon that dropped an inch of snow and  turned into black ice on the roadways. My … Continue reading

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Boston Journalist Worried About The Heat

http://www.theatlantic.com/ How many people in Boston will freeze to death this weekend? http://www.wunderground.com/

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UN Says Now That The World Did Not End In 2000

http://www.google.com http://www.cru.uea.ac.uk/cru/data/temperature/hadcrut3vgl.txt

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One Honest Head Of State


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Romm Admits That The Moscow Heatwave Had Nothing To Do With CO2

http://climateprogress.org/ He also conveniently missed the fact that during the Moscow heatwave, much of Russia had far below normal temperatures. http://www.remss.com/

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