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Northeast States Warming At An Alarming Rate


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The Aspen Groves Above Santa Fe

http://www.flickr.com/photos/savon19/3430799896/ The Sangre De Cristo Mountains of New Mexico have some of the world’s largest Aspen groves. They grew after massive forest fires burned hundreds of thousands or millions of acres at the end of the 19th century. I used … Continue reading

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Romm : New Mexico Controls The Fate Of The Planet

Sadly for New Mexico, climate denial and failure to adopt sensible low-carbon policies risks multiple catastrophic consequences, which could well combine to depopulate the state in the second half of the century. http://climateprogress.org/ He also says that Antarctica is melting … Continue reading

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“Losing Winter”

2008 article lamenting the demise of snow in the Northeast. As Climate Change Takes Hold, Our Coldest Season is the First Casualty By the end of the century, temperatures in the Northeastern states are likely to rise by eight to … Continue reading

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Q : Why Is The Met Office Normally Wrong About Climate?

A : Because they have no clue what they are doing .

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Jet-Setting Celebrities Want You To Stop Flying


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Understanding The Cold In Deep South

http://weather.unisys.com/surface/sst_anom.gif Sea Surface Temperatures have gotten very hot around the US, due to greedy SUV drivers.  Note all the hot yellow and red in the image above. This in turn raises the humidity of the atmosphere. Water vapour and clouds … Continue reading

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Romm : New Mexico Facing Brutal Heat And Permanent Dust Bowl

http://climateprogress.org/ Last week, Aztec, New Mexico was -34F (-37C.) Brutal heat. http://realclimate.science/2011/01/02/minus-37c-in-new-mexico/ And precipitation in New Mexico has been increasing over the last 115 years.. http://realclimate.science/2011/01/06/precipitation-in-new-mexico-has-increased-by-10/

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Global Warming On Holiday

It quit heating the ocean a few years ago and moved to Nunavut. But it will be back, and when it does it is going to be really angry.

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The World Is Only A Small Percentage Of The Universe

When considering that much of the planet is running far below normal temperatures, it is important to remember that Earth comprises only a tiny fraction of the Universe. Global Warming is much bigger than just what is happening on your little planet.

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