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Global Warming Strains Mountain Rescue Teams


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Cooling The Past In Gunnsion, Colorado

USHCN has turned a non- trend into a large warming trend, by cooling the past in Gunnison, Colorado. They accomplished this by subtracting 3.5 degrees from older temperatures and warming the present Raw data is the red line and blue … Continue reading

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Whitelee Flashback

I wrote this two years ago : http://wattsupwiththat.com/2009/05/18/glasgow-looking-to-freeze-in-the-dark/

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Even Louise Gray Is Starting To Get It

Green energy and jobs are a mindless delusion. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ h/t to Magnus

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Noon In The Southwest Desert – Temperatures Have Risen To Minus 21 C


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Snow Is Not Caused By Warmth

There was a time when everyone understood this, before the stupidest group of scientists ever assembled caught the media’s ear. California has the most snow ever recorded for early January. We are also having the coldest La NiƱa on record. … Continue reading

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Baba O’Hansen

h/t to Amino  

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Chelsea Leaves Clark Unmarked In Stoppage Time – Lose Two More Points

How lame can they get?

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Obama Determined To Push Unemployment Higher In 2011


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Minus 37C In New Mexico

It keeps dropping. This is what the climate models predicted – Siberian temperatures in the desert southwest.   http://www.wunderground.com

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