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The New Boss Is The Same As The Old Boss

Is Darrell Issa planning to investigate climate science, or isn’t he? Last September, before Republicans had even won the House and posted Issa atop the chamber’s main oversight committee, the California GOPer drafted a list of issues he believed should be … Continue reading

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India Warmed 32.7 Degrees F Last Decade

The study also said that that the 2001-2010 decade was the warmest since the records started, with a temperature averaging 0.40 degrees Celsius (32.7 Fahrenheit) higher than that of the previous decade. “We are still trying to examine the key … Continue reading

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Obama/Hu Solve China’s Global Warming Problem

(Reuters) – Harsh winter weather across parts of China could disrupt transport and strain energy supplies. Here is a summary of major weather developments and their impact. WEDNESDAY, JAN 19 Freezing rain and snow continue to hit southern China, while … Continue reading

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Update on Romm’s “Record High Sea Surface Temperatures Causing Floods”

http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/enso/monitoring/nino3_4.png h/t to M Carpenter

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Hansen : Polar Ice Cap Gone In 20 Years – World To Flood

“We will lose all the ice in the polar ice cap in a couple of decades,” he said, predicting the impact from rising sea levels will devastate coastal communities worldwide. http://westport.patch.com/articles/climate-change-visionary-calls-youth-to-action h/t to hauntingthelibrary.wordpress.com and Marc Morano

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Guardian : Despite Falling Temperatures Over The Last Decade, Global Warming Is Happening Faster Than Expected

http://www.woodfortrees.org/ An online news service sponsored by the world’s premier scientific association unwittingly promoted a study making the false claim that catastrophic global warming would occur within nine years, the Guardian has learned. The study, by an NGO based in … Continue reading

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BP Using Climate Scam To Raise The Price Of Gas

They want their cut of the carbon tax price increase. http://www.bloomberg.com/

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Insurers Using Climate Scam To Raise Premiums

It has been 858 days since a hurricane hit the US. http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE70I1BT20110119

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Indigenous Peoples In Bed With Big Oil


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Shock News! : Half Of The Years Since 1880 Have Been Above The Median Temperature

There were never any floods prior to the PDO shift in 1977! A few small, eccentric enclaves of nonbelievers are still convinced that the Earth is flat and that man never landed on the moon and that Elvis never died. … Continue reading

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