What A Fantastic Week!

The global warming scam is in full collapse, as is Obama’s credibility at home and abroad.

Perhaps we can put sane people in charge soon, and cut off funding to the crooks and lunatics who have been making policy.

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14 Responses to What A Fantastic Week!

  1. walter graff says:

    Unfortunately Hilary is next and the end will not be far behind.

    • EW3 says:

      Am more concerned that Obama will be our next president.
      The guy (and his czars) care so little about the constitution I would not put anything past them. He’s build up his civilian military (see Watertown MA after the Marathon bombing) who also don’t care about the Constitution and he has removed all the top generals that might oppose him.

  2. Kuhnkat says:


  3. Mike Mangan says:

    This will help bring you down. Scumbag Terry McAuliffe is pulling away in the Va govenor race….


    What is wrong with people?

  4. Don says:

    OT Don’t know if you saw this but the British Parliament has rejected Syrian action. Bravo! And the US Con-gress? Poor Barry Bush.


  5. gator69 says:

    Sadly, we are relying on brainwashed public school grads, and Big Brother has assumed control over their skulls full of mush.

  6. tom0mason says:

    “Perhaps we can put sane people in charge soon…”
    Depends on what NSA and the Pentagon want…

  7. scizzorbill says:

    Perhaps is wishful thinking.

  8. Ragtag Media says:

    “Perhaps we can put sane people in charge soon”

    Really? LMAO, My DumbASS fellow American’s will only double down on the Next Idiot parade like the up and coming Clinton Circus.

    There has to be a God, who the heck else keeps the Human Insanity train on the tracks?

  9. Ivan says:

    Perhaps we can put sane people in charge soon…
    Good luck with that – do you know of any that would want the job?

  10. Don says:

    Kids may be leading the way, more and more are rejecting the Michelle Obama prescribed school lunches and school districts are! Dropping the federal funding. The turn around starting with kids?

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