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Razzie Winner?

A couple of months ago, Obama waited for a couple of forecast hot days in DC, and then hurriedly called an outdoor press conference for 2 PM the next day to announce that global warming was making him sweat. While … Continue reading

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Understanding Polar Amplification

RealClimate: Polar Amplification The Arctic just had their coldest summer on record, so Gavin must believe that we are headed into an ice age. COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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Al Qaeda Runs Out Of Patience After A Week – Gives Up On Terror Plot

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The Hope And Change Guy Starts A New Panic

Svetlana Krachevskaya Obama’s latest fear mongering is that Putin is going to arrest gay Olympic athletes. Johnny Weir: If I’m arrested in Russia, so be it – CBS News The hope and change guy seems to move effortlessly from one … Continue reading

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Dear Derrick

jackson@globe.com Dear Derrick, You wrote an article on 9/24/2005 blaming major hurricanes on global warming. Global warming? You better believe it – The Boston Globe Hurricane Wilma in 2005 was the last major hurricane to hit the US, making this … Continue reading

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Obama Says That We Can Trust Him To Dismantle The Bill Of Rights

After his administration issued repeated defenses of a National Security Agency monitoring program that collects Americans’ phone and Internet data, Obama announced during a press conference Friday afternoon that reforms to the system will make the collection activities more transparent … Continue reading

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Raising Stupid To New Levels

While playing soccer at lunch, I got this reminder of how incredibly stupid the people are we are dealing with. August 9, 2013 at 7:03 pm Greenland receives about a metre of snow per year, or about two trillion cubic … Continue reading

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Musical Chairs In Europe

Guardiola moves to hostile fans in Munich Dempsey trades his career for cash, like Beckham and Keane Suarez joins the Fine Young Cannibals Rooney trying to escape Manchester Nani has no idea what he is doing Ricky Lambert finally gets … Continue reading

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August, 1911 England Heatwave Killed Hundreds Of Babies

25 Aug 1911 – ENCLAND’S HEAT WAVE. ALARMING DEATH RATE. A US expert recently explained how these heat deaths could have been avoided by not using air conditioning in 1911. (It isn’t clear if this expert had recently suffered a … Continue reading

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All Dead Democratic Voters Have Now Visited This Blog

This blog is about to pass 10,000,000 views, which is approximately equal to the number of dead people on the voting roles who normally vote a straight Democratic ticket.

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