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NSIDC Report – August 2035

August 19, 2o35  For Immediate Release The ice sheets extending across most of Canada are much less extensive than the previous two glaciations, due to the influence of man-made CO2. Ice extent is well below the ice age mean, for the … Continue reading

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NSIDC Makes A Bold Forecast

Arctic sea ice extent maintained a steady, near-average pace of retreat through the first half of August, making it highly unlikely that a new record low minimum will be reached this year. Nevertheless, there are extensive areas of low concentration ice, … Continue reading

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Obama Says Hurricanes Are Getting Worse

President Obama has had the fewest US hurricane landfalls (three) of any president, during his five years in office. He says that hurricanes are getting worse, and that he alone has the power to fix it. Weather Street: 2013 Atlantic … Continue reading

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Warren Commission Finding : Don’t Ever Stand Behind A Pro Golfer

According to the Warren Commission, an object struck with a large amount of force in one direction will fly in the opposite direction. If you stand behind Tiger Woods on the tee box, you are likely to be struck by … Continue reading

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Learning To Balance Equations

August 19, 2013 at 9:07 pm The reason that there is “hundreds of Gt being calved” is because there is a huge excess of snow and ice in the interior, which is being pushed to the sea by its own weight. … Continue reading

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51% Growth In Arctic Sea Ice From Last Year

The Arctic melt  season is almost done, and there is 51% more ice than there was on this date last year. Green below shows ice present in 2013 but not present in 2012, red shows the opposite. Arctic Sea-Ice Monitor … Continue reading

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Higher Resolution View Of The Shot

Olaf Koenders pointed me to a better YouTube video, which I slowed down below. It shows an incendiary round striking the upper right side of JFK’s skull, knocking his head backwards, and burning for the rest of the sequence below. … Continue reading

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On The Other Side Of The Berlin Wall

I spent a fair amount of time listening to CBC today, and had a vague deja vu experience of what the US used to be like decades ago. The Prime Minister of Canada is a smart, honest conservative. And unlike … Continue reading

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Higher Resolution Imagery Of The JFK Assasination

I blew up and slowed down some higher resolution video from the History Channel. You can clearly see him drooped forward when some sort of incendiary device came in from the upper right and exploded in front of Jackie’s face. … Continue reading

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