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An Older Version Of The Hockey Stick

This version is from the National Academy of Sciences, before self-awarded Nobel Prize Mikey straightened them out that the world was heating out of control, rather than cooling out of control. In 1975, people were too stupid to know the … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished : Obama Has Al Qaeda On The Run – Shuts Down Guantanamo

BBC News – Home Remember this “major shift” speech from a few weeks ago? (NEWSER) – President Obama will today outline a new course against terror, including two big goals: cutting down on drone strikes and attempting, once again, to close … Continue reading

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Rule #1 : Keep It Away From Anyone Who Works For The Guardian

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Obama’s Dallas Son Shoots A Bunch Of Women And Children

Erbie Bowser Kills 4 People — Male NBA Cheerleader Goes On Shooting Rampage – Hollywood Life Look for Obama to make a speech about this shortly.

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More Low Temperature Records Than High Temperature Records In 2013

So far this year there have been 2,115 low temperature records set at all US HCN stations, and 1,594 high temperatures. In 1934, there were 10,712 high temperature records and 3,313 low temperature records. Obama says the climate is getting … Continue reading

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Alarmist reader Paul says : You cannot use data from 2 different methods of collection and draw conclusion That is exactly what Michael Mann did to create the hockey stick, and exactly what alarmists did to claim that sea level … Continue reading

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US Summers Have Cooled Dramatically Over The Last 80 Years

The graph below plots the number of 40C readings at all GHCN HCN stations. The five hottest summers were 1934, 1936, 1954, 1980 and 1930. No summer above 350 PPM CO2 has come even close. The current summer will finish … Continue reading

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Obama Says That He Has Cut The Deficit In Half

Obama told Leno that he has cut the deficit in half, when in fact he has tripled it. Table 1.1—Summary of Receipts, Outlays, and Surpluses or Deficits (-): 1789–2018 You have to admire his ability to tell one lie after … Continue reading

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Coming Up On The 75th Anniversary Of Hitler’s Gun Confiscation

Seventy five years ago in November, Hitler confiscated all of the weapons owned by Jews in Germany. The next day he began hauling Jews off. http://news.google.com It is much easier to commit genocide on a disarmed population, which is why … Continue reading

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California EPA Blatantly Lying About The Climate

Global warming already having dramatic impacts in California, new report says Rising ocean waters. Bigger and more frequent forest fires. More brutally hot summer days. These aren’t the usual predictions about global warming based on computer forecasts. They’re changes already … Continue reading

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