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Understanding Gun Violence In America

The murder rate in the US is down 40% since 1992, and is at historical lows. But there are still pockets of gun violence in the US. These are people who probably can not be trusted with guns : Government … Continue reading

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More Giggles Evidence

US intelligence has just released this shocking imagery showing why Giggles had to be assassinated.

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Tornado Warning In Fort Collins

I just saw this outside my window. That is me on the bed. My dog is hiding from the new EPA chief on her bicycle. It is the hardest rain I have ever seen, and my car window is open.

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Reader Poll : Whose Fault Is It?

The US is currently under a foreign travel alert, just like we were when 9/11 happened inside the US. Whose fault is it? Giggles Snowden Zimmerman A wildly incompetent and irresponsible POTUS Giggles’ former friends

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Freshly Mowed Fairways At The Greenland Country Club


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Another Permanent Drought Advisory For Fort Collins

  Warnings for Larimer County Below 6000 Feet/Northwest Weld County, Colorado | Weather Underground

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Fatherland Security Alert

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Has CNN Found The Right Wing Extremist Who Bombed Boston Yet?

Within a few minutes of the April 15 Boston bombing, CNN announced that it was likely the work of right wing extremists who were protesting tax day. Did the Communist News Network ever find their perpetrator?

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Cherry Picking With The Big Appell

the Earth’s surface has warmed by a significant 1.2 degrees Fahrenheit since 1950, and the continental U.S. by an average 3.2 degrees. Global warming really is happening: Guest opinion | OregonLive.com More complete bullshit from David Appell. Prior to NOAA … Continue reading

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GISS Contradicts Eyewitness Accounts

19 Mar 1912 – CHANGE IN CLIMATE. “GREEN CHRISTMASES.” People in Europe and North America observed a strong warming trend prior to 1912, and glaciers were melting all over the world The Braidwood Dispatch and Mining Journal  – Wednesday 28 … Continue reading

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