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A Peek Inside The Twisted Mind Of Climate Alarmists

They say that the world is falling apart, and that they need to get evil deniers out of the way to save the planet. Then they find out that the Earth isn’t warming and that the ice caps aren’t melting. … Continue reading

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Understanding “Best Intelligence”

The Libyan embassy was transferring missiles to Islamic terrorists when some other Islamic terrorists attacked the embassy – with a couple of dozen CIA operatives in the crowd. The White House staff convened to figure out a strategy of how … Continue reading

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Apology To Barack Obama For US Racism

No white-skinned unknown radical left wing community organizer lacking any legitimate experience would have had a chance of being elected President. I apologize for the racism of my fellow countrymen in electing you to a position which you are unqualified … Continue reading

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Paging Anyone In England

The EPL is scheduled to start competition on Saturday, and I just wanted to check and make sure that England is still there. Please confirm. Ehrlich forecasted that 65 million Americans would die of starvation between 1980 and 1989, and … Continue reading

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Progressives Grabbing A Favorite From The Old Communist Playbook

Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) In the twentieth century, systematic political abuse of psychiatry took place in the Soviet Union. During the leadership of General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, psychiatry was used as a tool to eliminate political opponents (“dissidents”) … Continue reading

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DOJ Agent Greg Cameron : “gun confiscation under the guise of safety.”

┬áDOJ Special Agent Greg Cameron Special Report From Ginny Simone In a follow-up to the report on California’s Former Armed & Prohibited Persons System (APPS), Ginny Simone speaks with Department of Justice Special Agent Greg Cameron, who calls the program … Continue reading

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The Triple Whammy Of Summertime Arctic Cyclones

Last summer, Arctic alarmists got very excited about an early winter storm which pulled a lot of heat out of the deep water, and melted the ice edge back. What they didn’t consider is that the heat was gone out … Continue reading

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97% Of Robbers And Rapists Want “Stand Your Ground” Repealed

Just kidding.  The other 3% also want it repealed.

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Preparing For Winter

The Obama sweating melodrama didn’t produce much at the box office, because his acting skills are bush league and because of the cool summer. Time to prepare for winter. If it is warm, complain that it isn’t cold like it … Continue reading

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97% Of Federal Workers Think Obamacare Sucks

Less than 3 percent of U.S. federal workers want to give up their current health plans and join Obamacare, according to a new poll. Less than 3 percent of federal workers want Obamacare | The Daily Caller

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