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How Is That Arab Spring Working Out?

During the campaign, Obama was bragging about the Arab Spring and his war on terrorism. He also promised that Syria and Iran would net get chemical or nuclear weapons. When he gets back from his 35th vacation of the year, he … Continue reading

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White House Not Familiar With Obama’s Oklahoma Sons

Josh Earnest, principal deputy White House press secretary, said he was not familiar with the murder of Australian jogger Chris Lane during Wednesday’s White House briefing.  When asked by Fox News chief White House correspondent Ed Henry about the Chris … Continue reading

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Rewarding Carbon Producers

Leading government experts say that CO2 generated by productive members of society controls the weather. Since we are having a record low number of hurricanes and tornadoes, and perfect crop growing weather in 2013 – it is becoming clear that coal … Continue reading

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Fossil Fuel Powered Permanent Drought Brings Ideal Weather And A Bumper Corn Crop

AUG 21, 2013 Commodity prices have significantly decreased thus far in the third quarter of 2013 on the outlook of a bumper corn crop and ideal weather conditions Farmland Forecast | AGWEB.com Exactly the opposite of what our leading government … Continue reading

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Arctic Ice Nearly Identical To Twenty Years Ago

Daily Arctic Sea Ice Maps The world’s leading experts say that it is all going to melt in the next few hours. the Arctic will be ice-free in the summer of 2013 – John Kerry, US Secretary of State John … Continue reading

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The Next Global Cooling Scare Begins, Right On Schedule

What would happen to global warming if the sun quit producing sunspots for a few decades? The question is of more than passing interest to climate scientists as they ponder the prospect that the sun may be about to enter … Continue reading

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I Missed The Sweating Part

I was in DC on Sunday afternoon, scene of Barack Obama’s famous perspiration meltdown a few weeks ago. The temperature was 72 degrees at 4PM, and I don’t think I was sweating very much.

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North Colorado

The overwhelming majority of people in northeastern Colorado want to secede from the People’s Demokraptik Republik of Boulder/Denver (formerly known as Colorado) but it is not going to happen unless the Senate switches to Republican hands next year. The problem … Continue reading

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Earth Blows Away The Record For Sea Ice Gain In 2013

The amount of thin, rotten, decayed, bald sea ice on Earth has increased by nearly 33,000 Manhattans since this date last year – almost doubling the previous record for annual ice gain. Note that the amount of sea ice on … Continue reading

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Walt Meier’s “Blue Arctic” – At The 2013 Minimum

EOSDIS Worldview (Alpha)

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