White House Not Familiar With Obama’s Oklahoma Sons

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Josh Earnest, principal deputy White House press secretary, said he was not familiar with the murder of Australian jogger Chris Lane during Wednesday’s White House briefing.  When asked by Fox News chief White House correspondent Ed Henry about the Chris Lane case, Earnest responded, “I’m not familiar with it, actually.”

White House spokesman ‘not familiar with’ Chris Lane murder | The Daily Caller

During his speech a few weeks ago, Obama suggested that the world would be a much better place if troubled black teenagers carried guns around with them.

I just ask people to consider if Trayvon Martin was of age and armed, could he have stood his ground on that sidewalk?

– Barack Obama  July 19, 2013

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11 Responses to White House Not Familiar With Obama’s Oklahoma Sons

  1. Climatism says:

    Will Obama now say that if he had a son, he’d look like one of Lane’s killers?

  2. gator69 says:

    Those were white blacks, and they shot an albino aboriginal.

  3. Andy Oz says:

    Josh has to arrange Obama tee off times and choppers for dogs.
    He has no time for white tourists shot for fun by Obama’s sons!

  4. Lou says:


    That’s why this murder doesn’t get a lot of attention. Democrats are POS…

  5. redc1c4 says:

    this is Obumble’s “My Three Sons” moment of glory

  6. Traitor In Chief says:

    With his comment, Obumble continues to insinuate Trayvon was a victim assassinated in cold blood….in direct contradiction of the trial testimony.

  7. John B., M.D. says:

    The mainstream media cites “boredom,” not racism, as the motive for the murder. The evidence suggests otherwise:
    https://twitter.com/JAMESAKABUG (I can’t independently verify this is the accused murderer’s twitter account. Heck, it sound’s like Trayvon’s.)
    “90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM.”

    • gator69 says:

      Here is another…

      “In another, he claims he “knocked out 5 woods since Zimmerman court.” The word “woods” is also a derogatory term used to describe white people.”

      He really is just like Skeeter, without the limo and secret service.

  8. gator69 says:

    Is this why?

    “A Department of Homeland Security employee who works on, among other things, the procurement of guns and ammunition for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, spends his nights and weekends preparing for a coming race war and advocating for anti-gay causes, according to a new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center. Meet Ayo Kimathi, a.k.a. “the Irritated Genie,” who told his bosses at the DHS that his anti-white, anti-gay site, “War is on the Horizon,” was just an entertainment site that sells concert and lecture videos.

    You see, DHS employees, even those with office jobs like Kimathi’s, have to get outside activities approved by their supervisors, according to the SPLC. Kimathi’s former supervisor told the watchdog group, which tracks hate speech and groups in the U.S., that despite her former employee’s banal description of his extracurricular activities, the actual content of the site left her “stunned.” She continued: “To see the hate, to know that he is a federal employee, it bothered me.” She added that had Kimathi’s site been accurately described to the agency, there’s no way the DHS would have signed off on it. Possibly to keep his bosses from looking up his work, Kimathi used only the site’s acronym, WOH, in his permission request. In addition to his involvement in the purchase of ICE supplies, Kimathi also had a public profile for the agency, speaking at vendor events. As “Irritated Genie,” Kimathi also has a public profile as a black supremacist advocate.”


  9. Adam Gallon says:

    What? You’re denying their right to bear arms? Doesn’t The Constitution have something to say about this????

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