Elementary School Children Have Only Experienced Global Cooling

Every current elementary school child on the planet has seen only global cooling during their life.

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Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

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23 Responses to Elementary School Children Have Only Experienced Global Cooling

  1. Traitor In Chief says:

    They won’t even know what a blowtorch is….

  2. John B., M.D. says:

    Excellent post.

  3. Disillusioned says:

    It took ~4 decades for the same amount of cooling to occur during the last cooling cycle that we’ve seen in the last decade. http://www.woodfortrees.org/graph/hadcrut3gl/from:1937/to:1977/plot/hadcrut3gl/from:1937/to:1977/trend

  4. Politics Watcher says:

    Bogus data. Somebody didn’t do his homework.


  5. Politics Watcher says:

    Saying I’m stupid won’t make it become so, stevengoddard. Prayers offered up to the Internet do not come true.

    I guessed you climate change deniers wouldn’t be able to carry on a rational discussion. Now I know for sure.

    • But you are stupid, and lazy. You come here and ask questions I have answered a thousand times, without bothering to put any effort into it.

      • Politics Watcher says:

        I didn’t ask a question. I pointed out that your analysis was bogus and that you should have known it.

        But keep trying to defend your ideas by calling others stupid. It gives your side such credibility.

  6. Allen Eltor says:

    You know what we have here, is a bunch of hillbilly wannabes who don’t believe their own experiments, whose leadership was caught looking into a hockey stick generator, to stare back in time 600 years to tell within a tenth degree how a tree ring deposited. A bore hole generator looker that makes hockey sticks is their idea of ‘big new siyunts.’

    then you have the hillbillies declaring to you there’s a giant infrared light in the sky that’s a heater:and the heater is the phase change refrigerant class water, which refrigerates the already frigid dry nitrogen/oxygen bath, that is the atmosphere.
    A one percent shot of water makes phase change refrigerant, believer zombies, and there is not has not won’t be can not be a ‘heating component’ assigned to a PHASE CHANGE REFRIGERANT.

    The atmospheric heat response characteristics of the earth are catalogued for YEARS, hour by hour, day by day, sometimes 15 minute interval after 15 minute interval, trying to get away from the effects of the Magic Gais Light up Thair uh… maykin muh eyeballs boil.”

    You’re hicks. the number of days the telescopes of the world can view regarding heat: you know the stars twinkling due to atmospheric gas taking on earth-driven infrared emissions – ? You DO know what you’re talking about right?

    Those undulations are defined by law as heat on gas = motion and there’s not a WORD from optical astronomy about more infrared light.

    Since the ’80s there have been telescopic mirror flexing assemblies to neutralize – guess what – heat distortion in PRECISELY the frequency you claim ‘evurbody butt me’s stewpin inn’

    and not in all those years has one single person made comment about how “Oh wow look here the mirrors have to flex MORE and MORE to offset Magical BAckerdisticisms! GawLee YaW, it’s REAL! Its REAL!.

    Not one single word, believerbillies.

    The concept you thought a man derived mathematically or empirically through instrumental assessment, a HEATING component that CONTROLS TEMPS no less, from a PHASE CHANGE REFRIGERANT in a REFRIGERATOR

    says all we need to know about your “It’s rilly Magical GAiS, YaW!” bullshoot routine.

    If you believe in it you’re mentally disabled or a crook trying to profit from it.

    Or else YOU show US the TEXTBOOK where PHASE CHANGE REFRIGERANT’S HEATING COMPONENT is CALCULATED and ACKNOWLEDGED in the design of the equipment using such

    To whom EVER you are who’s stupider than an air conditioner repair guy.

    You go get that guy and we’ll hold a “who laughs in whose, face” competition.

    • Politics Watcher says:

      I see coherence isn’t your strong suit. Too bad you can’t insult the climate cool again.

  7. Allen Eltor says:

    And yes: it really IS that cut and dried. Nitrogen/Oxygen bath frigid augmented with it’s cooling by convection cells of phase change refrigerant.

    End of story for that magic Backerdistic gas that cant’ explain why due forms in sky EXPOSED areas allegedly being WARMED by Backerdistical Magicalisms

  8. Politics Watcher says:

    stevengoddard, you still haven’t mounted any sort of rational defense of your article. It’s clear that you can’t.

    I came to this web site to see if you deniers had any decent data to back up your claims. As I had suspected, you have proven yourselves to be ignorant and rude.

    (And now I’ll probably be banned for daring to point out that your emperor has no clothes. The last thing you guys want to see is any kind of countervailing evidence.)

  9. criolle johnny says:

    What is the source of the twelve year cooling data?

    • Disillusioned says:

      johnny, the source of the climate data Steve provided is Remote Sensing Systems (RSS); I provided two additional sources above–one NASA GISS (GISTEMP) and the other from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia (HadCrut3), which has been the preferred climate data used by the UN IPCC. It doesn’t get more objective than that. It is what it is–the earth has been cooling since 2001-2002.

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