More Disturbing News From Greenland : There Is No Meltdown

This week marks the fourth anniversary of the installation of a camera at the Helheim Ice Fjord in Greenland.  Before and after imagery shows that NASA, James Blalock, Barack Obama, et al – are completely FOS about Greenland melting down.

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David Holland – EFDL

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28 Responses to More Disturbing News From Greenland : There Is No Meltdown

  1. Robertv says:

    Terribly inconvenient data.

  2. F. Guimaraes says:

    More 4 days and it’ll be exactly the same.
    How powerful are these natural cycles!

  3. Larry Fields says:

    Unlike White House occupants, ice fjords do not lie.

    • Shazaam says:

      Erm, it’s not just the current white house hand puppet.

      I’m of the opinion that over 90% of what the entire government says (all levels, all agencies, all the time) has very little resemblance to truth and reality.

  4. Bob722 says:

    Yes, but everybody knows that with Globull Climate Change boiling the planet like a lobster, the 2013 Helheim Ice Fjord is rotten, thin, and flaccid. When in ions past (like 20 years ago) the Helheim Ice Fjord was robust, thick and as stiff as Al Gore’s dingus on a double dose of Viagra.

  5. JoeD says:

    The edge of the glacier is obviously further back than it was. Or were you referring to the height?

    See, when you take a crap on the internet, you do everyone a disservice. Now the whole place stinks.

  6. Mr. Gore says:

    Those pictures are photoshopped. Any day now that’s all gonna melt. It’s climate change and global warming. Would I lie to you?

  7. San says:

    Hello photoshop, so obvious, do a better job next time, don`t try to fool a professional

  8. ralf says:

    Climate change is happening all the time and always will its called weather. Though these two photos are disingenuous because the latter does not show the lay person the density compared to the earlier picture. The snow in the more recent photo is less dense than in 2009. To make a valid comparison one needs photos of every month of the year before, several years before 2009 and right up to the present date. Because just two photos like this will give ammunition to the alarmists.

  9. ralf says:

    After studying these two photographs and going to the source. This is not a good example for presenting the no warming theory. Because one can clearly see to the right of the photo an inlet in the older photo with ice, and in the latter photo no ice, besides the density being much less in the more recent photo. Many don’t realise that winter is starting later and later and ending later due to the earth rotation. So comparing ice comparisons before winter has truly set in, is not a good idea.

  10. Galacteros says:

    For years is not enough a period of time to make any valid conclusion. Because climate vary from year to year. Stupid pictures with no value.

  11. Ned Ludd says:

    Funny, if the camera has not moved why is the glacier calving edge substantially to the left in the newer picture?

    • The desperation among the faithful is becoming palatable.

      • Richard T. Fowler says:

        Palatable means “tolerable”. The word you were looking for is “palpable”.

        Indeed there does seem a certain desperation in the commenter’s choice of words. “If the camera hasn’t moved” … sounds like a Freudian slip to me!


  12. What is the arctic permafrost doing? Is it continuing to thaw or is it refreezing?

    For the time being that’s about the best “thermometer” of what’s really going on.

    Something to consider… as the permafrost thaws, it will release HUGE amounts of CH4. And CH4 oxidizes as well as function as a greenhouse gas. As CH4 levels in the atmosphere increase, levels of O2 will decrease. CH4 functioning as a heat trap will also cause the CH4 frozen on the ocean floor to evaporate, adding still more CH4 to the air. Runaway feedback.

    It might be wise to start practicing on how to breathe with a lot less O2.

    “Oxygen? Only LOOSERS need oxygen to breathe!”

    People say whatever they say about the climate, but the permafrost will be the real indicator of what’s going on.

    And, so far, the permafrost ain’t refreezing.

  13. Wayne Pacific says:

    A few weeks ago it was announced that a Swedish glacier had “alarmingly melted down” to the point that they had found remnants of human habitation beneath it. Well duh, that glacier had obviously been that low before, long before green house gases ! It is amazing to me how even the most simple logical conclusion it usually missed if it goes against the accepted ideas.

  14. Second hand smoke says:

    We just need to try harder with our carbon production.If we can heat up Mars then we can melt greenland.We just need to work together and believe in ourselves.

  15. Liars R You says:

    What an incredibly stupid attempt to prove no melt. I guess those overflowing rivers all over Greenland don’t count either.

    Fucking idiot.

  16. wallry says:

    You can’t sell that broken car if you tell the truth about it.

  17. miked1947 says:

    I went and looked at the pictures at the web site and even ran the animation. It is like watching Grass Grow. The glacier is doing what most every other glacier does and has done since glaciers started forming

  18. Bobby says:

    My dad gave me a valuable tip on judging political issues and even most issues that arise in human life and are given a sense of overwhelming importance, he said, “First examine if the issue will generate money or keep money coming in to those who tell you the issue is of such grave importance.” I’ve been able to predict 99 percent of what is going on ever since he gave me this advice. RIP thanks, dad.

  19. Ed Ward MD says:

    Helheim Glacier is where Greenland Glacier melts into the sea. More melting makes higher ice flows, just like more water in rivers.

    Since 2001, Helheim Glacier has thinned by more than 130 feet (40 meters) and beat a hasty retreat, shrinking landward by more than 5 miles (8 kilometers).
    Right place, right time
    During the July 2010 calving event, about 0.4 cubic miles (1.5 cubic km) of ice — which would fill Central Park to a height of almost 1,000 feet (300 m), James calculated — crumbled off the glacier in 15 minutes.
    “Even this, in the context of the ocean, isn’t very much water, but there are thousands of glaciers like this around the world,” James noted.

    “Large Calving Event at Helheim Glacier in Timelapse, Greenland
    Heheim Glacier is one of largest glaciers draining ice from the Greenland Glacier.”

    Ed Ward, MD – ; ;

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