Obama Told Crowley To “Get The Transcript”

The only way this could have happened would be if Crowley and Obama conspired ahead of the debate. Otherwise :

  1. She wouldn’t have had the transcript at the podium
  2. Obama wouldn’t have known that she had the transcript
  3. She wouldn’t have known what transcript he was talking about

This was a blatant and clumsy act of conspiracy and election tampering, and nobody followed up on it. The moderator planned out strategy with one of the candidates.

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10 Responses to Obama Told Crowley To “Get The Transcript”

  1. Chewer says:

    Full of candy Crowley along with the other MSM moguls think Big O is the savior, so anything they can do to gain favor is the right thing to do. Whether they understand how much his, his wife and his crew hate the capitalist white society is another question. If they understand his hate and his intentions, then they will help his administration achieve a fundamental transformation, one that will be completely different than what they’re prepared for…
    Big 0’s meeting with democrats only today shows us that he is bewildered that the hate & discontent hasn’t reached the point they’ve all expected.
    He and his twisted followers never dreamed it would take two terms to bring the U.S.A. down to its knees, but they haven’t thrown in the towel and won’t.

  2. Mike D says:

    Actually it was even worse, because she lied. He did not call it an act of terror, and the way it is clear is by fact checking the opposite. If he had claimed that he never called it an act of terror, that is true. He referred to “acts of terror” one time in the speech. But never had called the 9/11 attack an act of terror. It was intentionally worded that way so that he could have it either way he wanted. It is a very common ploy of his.

  3. John M says:

    Clearly planned, and it was a lie. But either way, it doesn’t matter: the moment she chimed in to support Obama with a supposed ‘fact,” it left Romney with the impossible choice of either debating the moderator or simply letting it pass. Debates have been nothing but a joke since the ponytail guy in 1992.

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  5. Romney is basically a hugely-successful businessman. He is a pragmatist, not an ideologue, and wasn’t prepared for the tactics of a dedicated, determined ideologue (although I think he should have been, more in control of, or more forceful in presenting, the bottom line fact–Obama and his administration all lying, for weeks and now for months, about the “hateful video” and the “spontaneous demonstration”, rather than a planned military attack by Islamic terrorists–and so I was disappointed in him). Those people who are taken in by Obama and the Insane Left are the same as those Germans who were taken in by Hitler–they desperately want change, and they have thrown away all common sense, and the painful lessons of history, and are placing their blind faith in a smooth ideologue in the disguise of an insightful, visionary, and above all, “moral” leader (not wanting to see that he is merely moralistic, like a phony evangelist berating his “flock” to get more of their money).

  6. Curt says:

    C’mon, she had binders and binders of transcripts…

  7. Hugh K says:

    Transcript = Magic Demedia Talking Points Decoder

  8. jimash1 says:

    “This was a blatant and clumsy act of conspiracy and election tampering, and nobody followed up on it. The moderator planned out strategy with one of the candidates.”

    A completely amazing breach of the system carried out live . I too, still find this shocking.
    And Romney walked right into it.
    And nobody, nobody ever questioned Candy on this.

  9. kim2ooo says:

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