What Lefties Hate

Most lefties suffer from a mental illness where they feel the need to control other people in order to protect themselves from their neurotic fears.

They hate it when people won’t play their games or play by their rules. It makes them feel even more out of control than they usually do.

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18 Responses to What Lefties Hate

  1. Jason Calley says:

    How long before some control freak posts a comment that says, “Hey! You can’t say that! That is hateful and you are not allowed to say such things!”?

    Moronic and ironic at the same time… 🙂

  2. hkorp says:

    Well said!

  3. chrismorph says:

    Seems to me that anyone with a dogmatic ideology of any kind suffers from the same thing.

  4. If I had to boil this mentality down to a few words I suspect it has more to do with the concept of belief. Some people are religious and that’s fine as long as they don’t go around blowing other people up. Some people are non-religious and that’s fine also, while a third group are anti-religious but still desire belief, so they cast around for surrogates.

  5. DC Andy says:

    Spot on! Describes a lot of lefties I have known. The fact of the matter is that most stereotypes have some basis in fact, although it’s not politically correct to say so.

  6. shirl says:

    My question is,What are they all doing in Canberra? The lefty Press gallery and the Lefty so called Government.

  7. NikFromNYC says:

    ‘Damnists’ creepy crawl on both sides of the isle.

  8. diogenes100 says:

    This is my day to disagree with you, Steven!
    The predominant motivator for “lefties” is a need to feel superior to others, which is (for most of them) an overcompensation for a deep-seated feeling of inferiority. This is why, for instance, they are typically attracted to the intellectually vacuous (but oh so hip!) editorial page of the New York Times.
    Think about Michael Mann, for example; his arrogance and exaggerated disdain for critics is surely a mask to protect himself from having to face his own dismal mediocrity in his chosen field.
    Or think about John Kerry, a typical effete liberal elitist who has absolutely no realizable talent other than presenting himself as a “caring” poseur.
    And then there is the ultimate needy narcissist: Barack Hussein Obama! The “2016” film has done an excellent job of exposing his deep-seated insecurities and damaged self-image derived from his father’s futile life. So of course the leftie penchant for BELIEVING WHAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE is very important to him!

  9. spinifers says:

    Hey! You can’t say that! That is hateful and you are not allowed to say such things!

  10. leftinbrooklyn says:

    I had a roommate years ago, about 15 years my junior, who left notes for me on the kitchen table, listing what I chores I should do on my days off. I made my first chore to be the immediate disposal of his chore list into the trash. He didnt last long as a roommate.

    We are still friends, however, despite his Eco-nuttiness and Obama support. But yeah, the need to control is the foundation of liberalism.

  11. Chewer says:

    Friends I’ve known for years, who were liberal but not overly so, have turned a corner to the cultish side believing/favoring the total C02 hysteria and all the brotherhood beliefs that goes with it.
    I can’t figure this ha[[ened and think it all comes down to a collective state of belonging, as there is little to keep them occupied, amused or useful…
    When a large portion of a population reaches this extent of belief, where it’s an us against them mentality, there is and has been only one outcome in the history of mankind, and you all know what that is.

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