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Still Recovering From Extreme Weather Hell

I spent last winter in Maryland, where I was subject to day after day of mild, sunny weather, little snow, and perfect cycling conditions. It turns out that I survived the third most extreme winter on record in that part of … Continue reading

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NASA Finishes Erasing The 1930s And The Ice Age Scare

Twitter / oakden_wolf: @ClimateDepot I think … Here is the graph he linked to. Note how temperatures were flat from 1930 to 1980. giss.jpg (1024×661) This is what temperatures looked like in 1975 – according to NCAR denisdutton.com/newsweek_coolingworld.pdf It is awesome … Continue reading

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Global Warming Causes Cold

Look for team climate moron to switch gears in the next two weeks and tell us that a warming Arctic is making the US very cold. All that warm air in the Arctic plunges south and gets very cold as … Continue reading

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Carter Vs. The Killer Bunny

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NASA’s Primary Mission Under Obama : Make These People Feel Good About Their Accomplishments

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The Newcastle Conspiracy

The vast majority of people in Newcastle support Newcastle United FC. It must be a conspiracy. The vast majority of people who make their living from global warming research money believe that more money is needed to study global warming. … Continue reading

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Katherine “World Began In 1970” Hayhoe Flames Climate Denier Conspiracy Theorists

Katherine’s research normally assumes that we have no weather records prior to 1970, and she considers it a conspiracy that bloggers call her on her BS. Twitter / KHayhoe: Climate denier bloggers scramble …

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Summer 1936 Vs Summer 2012

Steve Keohane made an apples to apples comparison of August, 1936 vs. August 2012, which makes it easier to visualize the depths of depravity which NOAA has sunk to in claiming that this past summer was one of the hottest ever. July … Continue reading

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Obama Donating $50,000 Of Your Kid’s Money Per Chevy Volt

a report from Reuters says every Volt sold is costing General Motors a lot — like almost $50,000 per car. According to estimates provided by industry analysts and manufacturing experts The First Shift: Report says GM losing $50k on every Chevy Volt … Continue reading

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Can Obama Achieve This During His Next Four Years?

Ottawa Citizen – Google News Archive Search

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