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Thomas Jefferson Confused UHI with Global Warming, Until Noah Webster Sorted Him Out

Thomas Jefferson was an ardent believer in global warming, until Noah Webster demonstrated that he was confusing UHI effects with climate. In his 1787 book, Notes on the State of Virginia, Jefferson launched into a discussion of the climate of both his home state … Continue reading

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My Great Grandfather’s Drought

David Appell says that I am responsible for the 2012 drought, but my great-grandfather caused this one in 1893 27 Apr 1893 – DROUGHT IN FRANCE.

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Daily Theology Column

Woe unto the apostates who dare to gaze at the southern ice anomaly. The high priests have warned that only the northern anomaly may be seen by mortals. All who turn their head to look at the southern anomaly, shall be transformed … Continue reading

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I Am One Of Four People Who Control The Climate

From an epic rant by warmist David Appell: “Are Anthony Watts and Marc Morano and Tom Nelson and Steve Goddard smart enough to be guilty of climate crimes? I think so” Tom Nelson: From an epic rant by warmist David … Continue reading

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Planetary Emergency

The fact that a thin layer of ice is not present for a few weeks this year in certain areas of the Arctic – means we are all doomed. N_daily_extent.png (420×500) ‘Planetary emergency’ due to Arctic melt, experts warn By … Continue reading

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Obama’s Core Principles

Take credit for anything good which Obama failed to stop Blame Bush for anything bad which Obama caused Obama takes creepiness to new heights.

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What Kind Of Creep Tries To Take Credit For Accomplishments He Tried To Stop?

Barack Obama is that type of creep. Our nation’s future depends on secure, domestic energy production, and President Obama has taken unprecedented steps toward making America an energy leader once again. He’s pursuing an “all of the above” energy strategy … Continue reading

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Chicago Disappears

Earlier this year, Chicago represented the global climate. Record cold this weekend has caused Chicago to disappear from the global climate map. Weather Street: Temperature Forecast Movie

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Challenge For John Cook

John, Go to China and tell them that they can’t drive to work, because your funding depends on pretending that the world cares about your pathetic, spectacularly delusional belief system.

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Shock News : 97% Of The Greenland Ice Sheet Grows Back

PBS reported that 97% of Greenland melted and turned green during three days this summer, but Greenland still seems to be covered with ice. arctic.io – Arctic Terra – (2012/263)

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