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Sea Level Rising 43 mm Per Year

The latest adjusted data from Aviso shows sea level rising at 43 mm/year. Look for Manhattan to drown very soon. ftp://ftp.aviso.oceanobs.com/

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PIOMAS Trend – Ice Free August By 2015

  (here) They indicate an average thickness of 1.4 meters, much less than Navy PIPS.

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World Destroying Ice Cube Moving Towards Canada

arctic.io – Arctic Terra – (2012/245)

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Fewest July Tornadoes On Record

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Labor Day At The North Pole

9.jpg (1024×576)

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False Precision : The Norm In Climate Science

False precision (also called overprecision, fake precision, misplaced precision and spurious accuracy) occurs when numerical data are presented in a manner that implies better precision than is actually the case; since precision is a limit to accuracy, this often leads … Continue reading

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Another Record Hurricane BS Year

Atlantic hurricanes have been quiet again this year, which can mean only one thing – more propaganda. Weather Street: 2012 Atlantic Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

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Enough Is Enough

I’m not putting up with any more BS on this blog. If you have an intelligent contrary viewpoint, feel free to post. Otherwise spamsters are going to spam.

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Dems Open Convention With $16 Trillion Debt

US National Debt – refresh for latest In 2008, Obama promised to fix the $8 trillion debt. http://moveleft.org/obamas_promises/www-barackobama-com_issues_fiscal.pdf

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Southern Hemisphere Sea Surface Temperatures Declining For 16 Years

HadSST has updated through July, and now shows 16 years of temperature decline. http://www.cru.uea.ac.uk/cru/data/temperature/hadsst2sh.txt

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