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Origins Of The Vietnam War

Johnson started the Vietnam War over an incident which never occurred, managed to get 70,000 Americans killed – and then we left the place a complete mess with the Khmer Rouge in charge of much of the region.

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7,000 Photographs Of Vegetable Gardens On Mars

There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact. Mark Twain 23 Sep 1939 – VEGETABLE LIFE ON MARS?

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Antarctic Sea ice Continues Its Upward March In Record Territory

Antarctica has a lot more sea ice than has ever been measured by satellites in the Arctic. That is why alarmists have to close their eyes and pretend that they don’t see the southern hemisphere, and that their polar amplification theory is a joke. … Continue reading

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Mark Halsey Should Probably Not Walk Alone Among Scousers

Rodgers fuming at referee Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers insisted the best team lost and blamed mistakes by referee Mark Halsey for contributing to their first defeat to Manchester United at Anfield since 2007. Rodgers took issue with the sending-off of … Continue reading

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97% Of Scientists Agree That There Are Advanced Life Forms On Mars

30 Mar 1934 – LIFE ON MARS.

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97% Of All Phenomena Is Due To CO2

Reading news stories from the last few years, I have determined that 97% of all phenomena are due to man-made CO2. This  includes volcanoes, earthquakes, wars, tsunamis, venereal disease, homosexuality in orangutans, low self-esteem, road rage, heavy snow and lack of snow, … Continue reading

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Amusing Thread

One alarmist has been busy posting away claiming that winter winds in the Arctic (which push multi-year ice out from the Pacific side towards the Atlantic side)  couldn’t possibly have anything to do with ENSO. Typical brilliant, open-minded thinking. No wonder climate … Continue reading

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Is Obama A Conspiracy Theorist?

Obama told his literary agent for 17 years (from 1991 to 2007) that he was born in Kenya. Perhaps the vast right-wing conspiracy made him do it? 1991 Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii’ 2004 Kenyan-born Obama all set … Continue reading

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Did Lewandowsky Poll This Conspiracy Theorist?

Bill and Hillary Clinton believed that his need for adultery and rape was actually a vast right wing conspiracy. h/t to gator69

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Another Tough Month For USHCN Adjusters

USHCN appears to have been tasked with the responsibility of making 2012 the hottest year ever in the US, regardless of what the actual temperatures are. So far they have had to adjust upwards by more than three degrees relative … Continue reading

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