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Proof That The Earth Is Doomed

In the year of our CO2 god, 2007 – Arctic ice fulfilled the prophecies, and yet again in 2012.    Can there be any doubt that oracles of CO2 truth were correct? sea_ice_only.jpg (2200×1700)

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Peter Wadhams Confirms Scenario A

Time for a hockey team huddle. The climate liars have been claiming that scenario B is the correct one, but they can’t keep their story straight. Peter Wadhams, professor of ocean physics at Cambridge University, warns Peter Wadhams, professor of ocean … Continue reading

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Winter Arrives In Alaska


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Ice Free Arctic Update

Top NASA experts predicted an ice-free Arctic for 2012, and it has happened. (Ice-free meaning twice the size of Alaska plus Texas.) Hansen forecast peak ice loss in Antarctica, which has also been decimated.

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Alarmists Just Can’t Get A Break

Our friends have been desperate for an El Nino to get their flaccid global temperature numbers up, but they only got about three weeks of El Nino in July. MEI timeseries from Dec/Jan 1940/50 up to the present

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Guardian Reveals The Secret Of Life

The Guardian This is what Einstein actually said. “My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.”

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Hurricane Intensity Peaked in 1935

The 1935 Labor Day Hurricane had a minimum pressure of 892 millibars, by far the lowest on record for landfalling US hurricanes. http://www.aoml.noaa.gov/hrd/hurdat/ushurrlist18512009.txt

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Cold Sucks

It is almost 8:00 and temperatures are still in the mid-40s in Fort Collins. Too cold for a comfortable bike ride in shorts and a T-shirt. I miss summer already.

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Excellent News From The Greenland Country Club

Someone finally raked the bunker in front of the clubhouse. summit:status:webcam Last night’s -39C broke the old record by almost ten degrees. Climate experts were only interested in Greenland for about two hours this year, when the temperature went barely above … Continue reading

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1780 Hurricane Had 200 MPH Winds And Killed More Than 25,000 People

Hurricane experts tell us that hurricanes are becoming more intense due to human breathing and cow farts. Great Hurricane of 1780 The Great Hurricane of 1780, also known as the Hurricane San Calixto II, is the deadliest Atlantic hurricane on … Continue reading

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