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Polar Amplification Marches On Unabated

windchill as low as -148F. Breezy. History | Weather Underground

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The Religion Of Peace Goes To School

On September 1, 2004 – the religion of peace raped tortured and killed hundreds of children at a school in Uzbekistan. Barrack Hussein Obama says that these events are our fault for saying mean things about Islam. h/t to Dave … Continue reading

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Still Not A Peep Out Of NSIDC

Antarctic sea ice is rapidly approaching the greatest areal coverage ever recorded at either pole. NSIDC is mum about this event, choosing instead to feature some world class nonsense about disappearing sea ice threatening penguins. National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)

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My Favorite Appelation

Goddard happy to just get some hits in his old age Quark Soup by David Appell: The CharlesH Problem Now that is funny. Check out Appell’s bio I have a B.S. in mathematics and physics from the University of New … Continue reading

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Appell : “My Late Stage Climate Neurosis Is More Important Than The US Constitution”

David – you need psychological and historical help.

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MSM Slams Romney For Telling The Truth

Republican Mitt Romney’s reeling campaign hit more trouble on Tuesday after new video surfaced showing him saying that Palestinians do not want peace and a resolution of their conflict with Israel was not possible. “I look at the Palestinians not … Continue reading

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Daily Theology Column

A guest post by Jim “Appell” Jones The unrepentant blasphemers, who were not trained at the seminary of AGW, threaten the beliefs and harmony of the congregation. They must be burned at the stake, as they damage our ability to … Continue reading

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They Hate It When You Don’t Let Them Cheat

People like David Appell get hysterical if you don’t play by their rules. They have created a world class fraud and many mechanisms to protect it, and they go berserk if you pull the curtain.

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Summer Snow Coming To Minnesota

Weather Forecast Grand Marais, MN | Grand Marais Weather | Wunderground

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Thought Police

Let’s make it illegal to deny that temperatures are below Hansen’s zero-emissions scenario C. Let’s make it illegal to deny that US temperatures are declining, prior to data tampering. Let’s make it illegal to deny that Antarctic ice is at record highs.

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