Suppose The Poles Were Reversed?

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What if the North Pole was gaining sea ice, and the South Pole was losing sea ice?

Alarmists would come up with an ad hoc theory explaining how it confirms the models, and proves global warming.

Junk ad hoc climate science has no rules other than confirmation bias, and keeping the funding stream alive.

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13 Responses to Suppose The Poles Were Reversed?

  1. omnologos says:

    I challenge anybody in the alarmist crowd hanging around this site to clearly state that Arctic sea ice minimum extent is _evidence_ of CAGW, to the point that, were the Arctic ice to start increase in its minimum extent, that fact would kill off CAGW.

    • It’s very hard to pin them down on exactly what evidence would disprove the theory. Keep in mind these individuals are not thinking for themselves or trying to evaluate claims critically. They are being told what to think by individuals they respect. Until they are told otherwise, they will continue to believe until the issue fads away and they have moved onto something else.

      • Eric Barnes says:

        IMO, it’s not even a proper scientific theory.
        Models that were used in the past are already off the tracks. The newer “improved” models have yet to be tested, but that doesn’t make them any better than the previous versions. You don’t have a viable theory just because you can keep guessing and the window of prediction (they don’t even use that term) is large. That’s exactly how they want it as well. Maximum upside, minimal downside.

      • Eric Barnes says:

        What will really entertaining is if we have a cold snap this decade. Watch the stone cold silence from the media and their grant endowed friends who would urgently be seeking different rationalizations for whatever project they have. That would truly make my decade. 🙂

      • I think an interesting observation here is that even the new generation of models have problems with the past, seem to have no regional utility, and actually fail to model the present. The David Appeals of this world respond by stating if you don’t like that, and you can’t replace it with something better, than STFU. That’s rather like arguing that maybe your local witch doctor is not very good at rain making but we’ll keep using him because he is the best we have 😉

  2. Andy OZ says:

    Australia will be covered by glaciers by 2050 if the southern hemisphere trend in ice accumulation continues. The new carbon tax in Australia has saved the southern hemisphere after just 3 months operation. Isn’t Julia Gillard unbelievable??

    Time I moved north to the tropics to escape the invading ice.

  3. Hugh K says:

    “….keeping the funding stream alive.”

    Dead on….follow the money. Just one example….oh, and along with GE and Duke Energy, Algore is among the benefiicaries…imagine that –

    Our taxdollars and electricity customers (same thing) as usual are the fleeced. November can’t come quick enough….

  4. donald penman says:

    If the Poles were reversed we would all be concerned with the summer minimum at the South Pole which should occur sometime after Christmas.So I will forget about arctic sea ice this(NH) winter and concentrate on the Antarctic sea ice.

  5. Blade says:

    “What if the North Pole was gaining sea ice, and the South Pole was losing sea ice?”

    That’s an easy one. They would make commercials of penguins falling out of the sky.

  6. gator69 says:

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

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