Penn And Teller Explain Global Warming

One of my favorites.

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  1. omnologos says:

    When was this recorded?

    • 2004-ish, IIRC. Penn Jillette ended up apologizing & retracting this episode thanks to a huge outcry from his fans.

      They also did an episode on how Christianity is bullshit, which they have the right to produce & broadcast thanks to a certain group of Christians in the 18th century. Oddly enough, they kinda dodged doing one on Islam saying, “. . .we haven’t tackled Islam because we have families.” So they’re cowards. Funny, usually pretty on point, but definitely cowards.

      • Gsa says:

        I don’t know, if is putting your family in risk I don’t know if it is worthy, is easy to say being and outsider, but would you do it? I know that doesn’t change the fact that they didn’t did it because of fear, but at least understand where they cowardice is coming from.

  2. daveburton says:

    Two observations…

    1. Penn sure is foul-mouthed. I guess he shows the lack of the civilizing infuence of Christ.

    2. The domain is currently available. I guess the carbon credit indulgences business tanked.

  3. suyts says:

    Here’s Steve you may enjoy this one….

    It’s got the classic Teller and Penn “Dihydrogen Monoxide” petition, it also CFACTS bit at the COP 16, and now we have Peter Schiff getting Dems to advocate banning corporate profits at the Dimfest this week!

  4. johnmcguire says:

    Absolutions , absolutions , get yer absolutions here , get em while it’s hot , get yer absolutions . Anything left after paying all yer bills an taxes , jest send em to me . What , that’s all ya got left after payin yer bills an taxes ??? dang , I gots ta get another scam !

  5. Skeptics with balls…

  6. jimash1 says:

    I had to stop.
    The use of the pet rock as a therapeutic tool for climate neurosis, was starting to make me nervous. {Shudders just a little }

  7. stewgreen says:

    I believe – Penn Jillette did NOT retract !
    I’d like to see @Stark Dickflüssig substantiate : “2004-ish, IIRC. Penn Jillette ended up apologizing & retracting this episode thanks to a huge outcry from his fans.”
    – “In an LA Times article he does say “I don’t know, I don’t have enough information”, and that is a perfectly OK thing to say. When it comes to universal existential negatives it’s upto to the”believers” to prove ..”
    1950 USA You are NOT ALLOWED to say you don’t believe in God, based on Argument from Authority
    -2008 USA You are NOT ALLOWED to say you don’t believe in CAGW , based on Argument from Authority

  8. stewgreen says:

    NO it didn’t clear it up ..I had watch that video before I posted originally
    – my notes say “I don’t call that a retraction” .. His language was maybe a bit slippery, but he certainly say “I regret making that video and I retract” he did say”I wish i hadn’t said I don’t know , cos people misconstrue it”
    : Liz if you met some one and they said re CAGW certainty of coming catastrophe due to Global Warming ” I have examined the data and I am not a true believer” ?
    would you say I respect you or would you enforce the “NOT ALLOWED to say you don’t believe in CAGW” rule ?

    • omnologos says:

      is there ANY other topic where Penn G has said “I don’t know”?

      the ecofascists are despicable and a danger for Man and the Environment

      • stewgreen says:

        – He seems to say it quite often on his Penn’s Sunday service podcast and has no problem fessing up when he makes a mistake .. like when he called out Elvis for saying “someone once wrote the whole world is a stage”, when Penn himself had done a similar thing on his B*S TV show

  9. lucretiaaos says:

    And he did retract his stance on 2nd hand smoke. He stated that, at the time they made the show there wasn’t a lot of evidence but that once the evidence was there he was withdrew his skepticism on the subject.

  10. stewgreen says:

    Yes orpiment is certainly a large backack, but not a full one
    “Although I used to be more skeptical it seems like the information, and by that I do not mean Hurricane Sandy, but the preponderance of information seems to be there is climate change and it is anthropogenic. Although I still don’t know that the best solution is just a stronger government”…” For climate change, there is the idea that there is a horrible emergency so we need a stronger government and more draconian laws. I wish we would at least consider, when given a tragedy or emergency, the idea of trying to solve it with more freedom instead of less.”
    but is still not “Penn Jillette ended up apologizing & retracting” that Stark Dickflüssig suggested
    ..The certainty that most/all climate change is anthropogenic is further than Climate Skeptics would go, however the main issue for them is whether is certainly CATASTROPHIC or not and Penn does not address this.
    – I note also many warmist still refer to him as “denier” “denialist”

  11. stewgreen says:

    Penn Jillette podcast Episode 98 – December 29, 2013
    40.50 talking about an MIT study on tongue twisters, he thinks is BS.
    “It’s like when you read the paper and the the one thing you really know about ..they are always wrong, but everything you don’t know about you just assume is right”
    He imagines MIT thinking :”Let’s stop publishing on stuff people know about, let’s stick to physics, like what’s happening with ozone over Antarctica, no one ever busts on that, and if they do we just call them DENIERS, f@ck you ! we got that covered”

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