Forty Years Ago

In 1972, my brother and I were playing golf on the Aspen, Colorado golf course (basically a big cow pasture.)  A large, slightly intoxicated gentleman appeared out of the rough and told us that he had lost all his balls and asked if he could purchase a couple from us. We obliged, and then he asked if he could play along with us.

We were of course annoyed, but agreed. He was very polite and asked us lots of questions. Being typical rude teenagers, we didn’t ask anything about him until around the 17th hole. He then told us “I am a TV producer. I produced a show called Star Trek. Have you ever heard of it?

They were having a convention at the Holiday Inn, and Gene Roddenberry got bored and went out to play golf.

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  1. NoMoreGore says:

    You should have asked him for a Cameo.
    Living in Utah I was a hard rocker as a kid. I once received a phone call from a girl who was taking a survey to get an idea about public interest in a song she had recorded. I’m a vocalist also, and had a band, so I said Sure, I’ll listen to your song. She played it, and I was thinking: Oh my God, this poor girl sounds just like Marie Osmond! Bubble gum wasn’t exactly my taste. Ok, I freaking HATED it. But I didn’t want to crush her dreams, so when she came back on, she asked me if I liked the song and might I possibly buy it? I lied and said it was nice, and perhaps I would buy it. Then I asked her: Who did you say you were again? She said: Marie Osmond.

  2. Andy DC says:

    OK, if you were a teenager in 1972, there is no way you can be 81 as advertised. Not unless you were competing with Dick Clark as America’s oldest teenager.

  3. jimash1 says:

    1972. I remember 1972.

  4. Me says:

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