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Inside Hansen’s Disordered Mind

Hansen tells us that global warming will cause a semi-permanent drought in the west and in Texas. He also tells us that global warming may cause a semi-permanent El Nino. One minor problem – El Nino normally causes unusually wet … Continue reading

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Hansen : Game Over – Again

Hansen is hoping to choke off the energy supply for the US economy, has declared that the game is over for climate again – and that the west is going to enter yet another permanent droughtflood. Game Over for the … Continue reading

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Will Obama Get Swiftboated?

Swiftboating is a term invented by Democratic strategists. It means that you were caught lying about your military experience – and are hoping to blame your lies on the people who called you out. Obama has been lying about his role … Continue reading

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February 9, 1934 : Another Black Friday


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The McKibben/Monbiot/Romm Climate Game

Assume that bad weather never happened in the past, and then blame all bad weather on climate change. It works with teenagers who have no historical memory, have been brainwashed by Al Gore, and never paid attention until a few weeks ago.

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Guardian : Bangladesh Global Warming Lies

Bangladesh is the canary in the coal mine when it comes to journalists lying about climate change. ‘We have seen the enemy’: Bangladesh’s war against climate change Devastating cyclones, floods and ruined crops have made Bangladesh ‘the world’s most aware society on … Continue reading

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Is There Any Lie Obama Won’t Say To Get Elected?

In 2008, when Obama was pretending to be a Christian, he implied that God was against same-sex marriage. August 18, 2008 When asked to specifically define his views on marriage, Obama stated that he believes “that marriage is the union … Continue reading

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1934 : Worldwide Drought – Glaciers Melting

1934 was the hottest and driest year in US history, until Hansen corrupted the data set about a decade ago. 22 Jun 1934 – EARTH GROWING WARMER What Swiss Glaciers Reveal …

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1854 Northwest Passage


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No Climate Change Deniers In 1950

The Courier-Mail Brisbane, Qld. Monday 22 May 1950 22 May 1950 – CLIMATE CHANGE World is warming

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