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Hansen Threatened By Sea Level Rise

Disturbing photo of sea level creeping up behind Hansen.

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Fullerton Police Beat Unarmed Homeless Man To Death

The videotape showed an escalating situation that abruptly became hostile when officer Manuel Ramos snapped on latex gloves and said, “Now, you see my fists? … They’re getting ready to f— you up … If you don’t start f—— listening.” … Continue reading

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Garnaut 2008 : Kangaroo Farting Tax Needed To Stop Global Warming

Just when you thought these morons had peaked. Eat roo-burgers, because they don’t fart as much as dinosaurs. Eating roo may combat global warming Thursday, 2 October 2008 Call to encourage climate-friendly farms, Science Online, 04 Jul 2008 Eating kangaroo … Continue reading

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2009 : “how did the Met Office get it so wrong?”

Britain will have first decent ‘barbecue summer‘ in three years with … Apr 30, 2009 – Dubbing it a “barbecue summer“, they predict it is just the beginning of a series of much nicer summers to come with rainfall much lower than … … Continue reading

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Greens Long For The Days When Nature Was In Control

Hoping to restore the balance of nature, before evil white men ruined the planet. 14 Feb 1911 – FAMINE IN CHINA. 27 Jul 1893 – Famine in China. 08 May 1953 – China famine 20 Jan 1912 – Famine in … Continue reading

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New Forecast

I’m watching Dortmund-Munich right now, and Munich looks even worse than Chelsea did against Newcastle. Forecast Result UAH April 0.29 0.295 Chelsea-Liverpool 2-1 2-1 Man City-Newcastle 4-1 2-0 Munich-Chelsea 2-2 (penalties decide) (May 19)

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Wildebeest Herds Return To Greenland

With temperatures up above -40 today, the Wildebeest herds have returned to the ice sheet. Africa is simply too hot for them, now that Hansen has adjusted their temperatures upwards.

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Obama Combat Photos Released

In a unique display of combat prowess, President Obama killed America’s most hated enemy – Osama – twice in the last year.  The same artist who generated Obama’s birth certificate, is now proud to present Obama’s official combat photos. Obama nervously preparing … Continue reading

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Feeling Lucky, Punk?

sst_anom.gif (800×600) Alarmists got all excited in March about an isolated area of warmth over the eastern US. It would be nice if they were correct, but North America and the Arctic are surrounded by very cold water. How long will our … Continue reading

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Hiding The Post-1981 Decline In Hansen

The Internet is all abuzz with Hansen’s not yet failed (and previously ignored) 1981 forecasts. The 1981 forecasts were of course superseded by his already failed 1988 Congressional forecasts, but the team is getting desperate to buy time. The graph below shows that his … Continue reading

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