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Real Climate : Twenty Years In The Future

May 25, 2032 – posted by gavin jr. There was no global warming scare. A literature survey from 2000-2015 showed that there were only a small handful of peer-reviewed papers predicting catastrophic global warming. 97% of the papers predicted little or no … Continue reading

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Dear Suzanne

As you have recently discovered, there is no big money denial machine. We are scientists and engineers who do this for free, in defense of science and free speech. The corruption and big money is on the alarmist side. People … Continue reading

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Heartland Protester Lacking Historical Perspective

“I’m willing to risk my arrest, because if Heartland Institute gets its way, it could be the end of civilization as we know it,” stated Alice Coffey an activist who risked arrest at today’s event. Rising Tide Chicago Disrupts Heartland Institute’s Climate … Continue reading

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The Climate Family That Cheats Together, Gets Funding Together

As of 1999, NOAA, Phil Jones and James Hansen all agreed that the US was not warming. February 04, 1989 Last week, scientists from the United States Commerce Department’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that a study of temperature … Continue reading

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Polar Bears Fighting Back Against Climate Scientists

Barrow Sea Ice Mass Balance Site 2012 The Mass Balance site was damaged by a polar bear earlier this season and field repair attempts were unsuccessful. The data are being collected and the complete dataset will be available at the … Continue reading

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Justin Gillis : Turning A Minnow Into A Great White Shark

Nature News reported this week The combined contribution from heating of the oceans, which makes the water expand, along with melting of ice caps and glaciers, is estimated to be 1.1 millimetres per year Source found for missing water in sea-level rise … Continue reading

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Hiding The Decline At GISS

The blink comparator below is yet another view of what Hansen’s rewrite of the US temperature record in the year 2000 accomplished. He turned that inconvenient cooling trend since the 1930s into a warming trend – which would better support funding … Continue reading

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Extreme Weather During Hansen’s Coldest Year Ever

Hansen’s handcrafted US temperature graph lists 1917 as the coldest year ever, almost 2.5C colder than 1998. According to his CO2 religion, the weather must have been very cool and stable during 1917. 30 May 1917 – TORNADO CAUSES 300 … Continue reading

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Here Is What Happens When You Elect Fools And Traitors

This article appeared on the same day in 1933 when Anthony Eden was trying to get the west to disarm against Hitler. 19 Sep 1933 – FRANCE FEARS WAR NOT INCLINED TO DISARM Overshad…

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1947 : Enormous Rise In Arctic Temperatures To Drown Manhattan

31 May 1947 – The Arctic is melting says scientist Los Angeles…

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