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Hansen : Hiding The Decline In Greenland

Jimmy has been a busy boy destroying the global temperature record. Before his latest tampering, the capital of Greenland had been cooling since the 1930s (red line below.) Hansen recently fixed that to produce a warming trend (blue line below.) … Continue reading

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Return Of The Jedi

Looks like some real scientists have had enough of Hansen’s 30 year reign of lies and bullying. A couple of weeks ago, Martin Hoerling slammed him with “facts should, and do, matter to some.”  Harold Brooks said : “Those who continue to talk … Continue reading

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Ice Age At 2000+ PPM CO2

Climate during the Carboniferous Period Earth experienced an ice age 450 million years ago, with CO2 somewhere between 2000 and 8000 ppm. According to Hansen’s theories – all life on Earth should have been extinct before it even evolved.

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Come On Guys, Please Get Your Lies Consistent

Seth Borenstein reports that CO2 is rising at an accelerating pace WASHINGTON – (AP) — The world’s air has reached what scientists call a troubling new milestone for carbon dioxide, the main global warming pollutant. Monitoring stations across the Arctic this spring are measuring more than … Continue reading

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1950 : Glaciers Melting – Animals Moving North – Viking Farms Reappearing


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Cheating : Business As Usual In Climate Science

File:Holocene Temperature Variations.png – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This graph fascinates me. The proxy data shows steady cooling for 8,000 years, but that isn’t what alarmists want to see. So Conneley stuck in two phony arrows showing what he wants … Continue reading

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Definition Of Confusionist

Con-fus-ion-ist (n) – someone who presents factual information that contradicts the BS being spread by global warming alarmists. This causes confusion amongst people who are used to not thinking for themselves.

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