Record Sea Level Rise Rates?

Supposedly sea level rise on the US East Coast is the fastest in 2,000 years.

Jason-1 shows sea level falling along most of the US East Coast. It is also quite clear from this map that cherry-picking one location isn’t going to fly.


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4 Responses to Record Sea Level Rise Rates?

  1. Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

    That is only after applying the proper Al-Gore-Rhythm , Isostatic Rebound Adjustment of 3mm per year. Without the adjustment the sea level would be falling. Chicken Little can not have that!
    Consider the source and the co-author!

  2. Andy WeissDC says:

    What is going on in the Phillipines? They must be under 10 feet of water!

    • hell_is_like_newark says:

      My theory:

      There is a subduction zone around the Philippines. Its not so much the sea rising as it is plate tectonics in action.

      As for Java / Indonesia region: A while back I read an article (think it was Popular Mechanics) about an idea to explain why parts of Australia were submerged in the past and now much of Indonesia is (the islands being the peaks of mountains). A section of subducted plate is still descending into the the inner mantle, causing the crust above to deformed (sucked in a bit). As the plates above moved into this literal indentation in the mantle, the land drops and then rises back up as the plates move past the area.

      Crappy explanation… maybe I can find the actual article online somewhere….

    • Latitude says:

      Andy, it’s Jason.
      Jason doesn’t care about land.
      This has to be some glitch in Jason.
      It’s a 9 year trend saying sea level has increased about 8 inches in the Phillipines,
      gone down about 8 inches off Osaka, which is between two increases of 8 inches.
      That would mean there’s a 1 1/2 foot standing wave off Japan.

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