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2004 : “Lake Powell is draining away, and environmentalists couldn’t be happier”

Why are environmentalists happy? Because there’s a coal plant that uses water from Lake Powell, and if the lake continues to drain away, the coal plant may be left high and dry. http://www.naturalnews.com/002364.html  

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Lake Powell Water Level Now Highest In The Last 10 Years

http://lakepowell.water-data.com/ Gavin says that the 2004 low was due to global warming (which apparently ended in 2005.) http://books.google.com/books    

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West Burning Up

The press is reporting that the west is burning up. It must be due to snowpack up to 3657% of normal. MONTANA KOOTENAI RIVER BASIN ……………………. 7 of 8 446* 129 FLATHEAD RIVER BASIN ……………………. 14 of 16 457* 132 … Continue reading

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1947 Time Magazine : “The Disappearing Cold”

June 16, 1947 Greenland is getting greener and Iceland’s ice is shrinking. The Arctic is losing its chill. Retreating Glaciers. Mountain glaciers, “very sensitive to climatic changes,” In central Norway, Lapland and Greenland, the glaciers have been drawing back their … Continue reading

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1992 Time Magazine : “The Ice Age Cometh?”

Jan. 31, 1994 What ever happened to global warming? Scientists have issued apocalyptic warnings for years, claiming that gases from cars, power plants and factories are creating a greenhouse effect that will boost the temperature dangerously over the next 75 … Continue reading

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1832 : Australian Newspaper Asked For “calm exercise of reason”

Now it is more like “mindless panic” http://trove.nla.gov.au/

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1828 : Two Years Of Severe Drought In Sydney Brought Farmers To The Brink


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Now Why Would I Want To Do That?

In California last week I rented a tiny Mazda. It used very little ga$, was easy to park and could turn on a dime. Ga$ was $4.50 a gallon.

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Weather Forecast For Venus Today

Hot with light winds. Venus has a very stable climate. The weather is exactly the same every day. We are now #26 on WordPress out of 350,000 blogs. http://botd.wordpress.com/?lang=en

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1811 : NSW Corn Crop Ruined By Drought – Sydney Out Of Water


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